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  1. As a point of information, Pantone just updated Pantone Color Manager with Solid Coated V4, Solid Uncoated V4, Color Bridge Coated, and Color Bridge Uncoated.
  2. Pantone and others like them often supply L*a*b* numbers for each of their named colors. It would be better from a color management perspective if you could base your Pantone and similar named(spot) color specifications on L*a*b* values. Unlike RGB and CMYK, which are device dependent, L*a*b* numbers are device independent. Further, many of your customers in the case of Pantone will have a product known as Pantone Color Manager which always makes available the most up to date fan decks and L*a*b* references for the fan deck named(spot) colors. Could you develop a way for customers to have a smooth integration with Pantone Color Manager so they can maintain the most up-to-date information? My thanks in advance for what may be possible. P.S. You should be including the Pantone FHI Cotton and FHI Paper decks in your Swatches because they are the source for the Pantone Color of the Year. https://www.pantone.com/products/digital-apps/pantone-color-manager-software
  3. Is anyone from Serif able to respond please?
  4. I access my windows 7 via RDP, properly setup with an Aero theme. If I try to run affinity publisher via an RDP sessions, an error arises that states "windows Aero is not enabled". On the other hand, if I start affinity publisher on the actual computer itself, and leave it running, when I access that session later via RDP- affinity publisher will happily display and operate properly. Can you do what is necessary to assure that affinity publisher runs properly over RDP? My thanks in advance for what may be possible.

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