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  1. Hi, From time to time I download a trial to see if I can jump wagon and start using Designer full time, but the blend tool is not available and looks like it will be a long time before it happens. So I have a question: How do I interpolate objects without that tool? Is it possible to create anything like this? I do a lot of geometric illustrations and I need to do this kind of stuff but I don't know how to achieve it with the available tools. Any clue? Thanks!!
  2. Literally the only tool I need to leave Adobe Illustrator. I do a lot of geometric illustration and I need to interpolate objects like lines or shapes, so I use it for almost every piece I work on. The day the blend tool make it to Affinity Designer, I'll buy a license — whatever it costs.
  3. V2 can't be that far. V3 would be too soon. Maybe in V4. Brand new feature in v5: Blend tool!
  4. I’ve been waiting for the blend tool for almost 4 years and nothing ever happened since then. Is it really still in the roadmap?
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