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  1. Thanks for the response. I forgot to mention that I am working in publisher. Not lucky to have all 3. It is on my wish list. Will this also work in publisher? I get confused some times
  2. Where would I find preset text shapes. For example semicircle a heading?
  3. Thanks Carl123 for the tip, it works. Appreciate the help.
  4. I am attempting to line up 13 stars in a circle. I have seen the tutorial for text to path but do not see one for objects to path. How would this be done?
  5. Thank you this is exactly what I was looking for.
  6. Thanks for sharing. First let me say, you are a designer. You take two pieces of information put them together into something new and unique. No matter how it may be similar it may be to other items it is still uniquely yours. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with designer and have just started working with AP so there is learning curve there. With PP I have found it to be quite good for the level at which I used it for scroll saw patterns. There are some features like being able to select transparent colors in PP that are not in AP. The biggest problem that I have had AP is finding where things are and how they work. I do understand the confusion from the videos. Sometimes I think the individuals who are doing these forget that not all of those viewing them are experienced in desktop publishing software. This software has a language/jargon all its own. I want to learn it and use it, however the explanations are so fast and the courser move so quickly cannot follow where they clicked (before anyone gets their backs up, I do understand that I barer a part of personal responsibility for this difficulty). What I have done to adapt to this speed thing is to open the tutorial in the browser, play it when an action is required pause the video then go to the program and complete the action and return to the video for the next step and repeat. I eventually learn the process. I do not know if this helps any, but it's the best I have for now. Good Luck John
  7. Thanks much for the shout back. I do have an old copy of corell paint shop pro.
  8. OK my quarter just dropped! Let me start from the beginning. When I import a .png file into publisher it has a white not a clear background. I need to get the clear background back so I can build my designs. Previously, I used page PPX9 and it had an icon on the toolbar that allowed me to chose background transparency. This allowed me to arrange elements much more easily. Is there a way to do this in publisher for windows? Thanks one old guy to another.
  9. I think I have made a mistake. I do not have affinity photo installed on my computer. I was trying to do this in publisher.
  10. If it should be labeled "remove paper background I am not seeing that heading on drop down menu. Is it under one of the selections? I appreciate your help Insert other media
  11. Will this also work in affinity publisher? If so would you please tell me how?
  12. I was using page plus 9 to design scroll saw projects. It worked well for this purpose and was easy to use. I was wanting something a bit more advanced for more detailed design. I see no reason you can't use it for that purpose.
  13. jmigues

    PagePlus X9 file problem

    Please excuse my comments. I am not normally that lose with responses and meant no offense. I would hope anyone that was offended by this would chalk this up to frustration.
  14. Thank you very much for your reply. This is kind of language I can understand. Plain and simple. John
  15. jmigues

    PagePlus X9 file problem

    I understand that this not necessarily a the forum for page plus. This is a realistic question for those of us who want to move from page plus to affinity. I hope that other responses are not that myopic. If that is the case, Serif can refund me my money now. I don't need individuals helping me that can't think beyond where they are and not problem solve. John M.

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