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  1. Hi I'm using, and it's a new document, but I'm still getting an error message. Can you help @Serif Info Bot Fundraising pack march 24.afpub
  2. Hi Ash - unfortunately, as soon as I tick tagged pdf, the file won't export
  3. Hi, I'm using Affinity Publisher 2, version I've just added in custom text to the alt text source tag, and tried to export into pdf, and it just won't. It hangs. What am I doing wrong?
  4. I am SO pleased - it will make this software usable again, thank you.
  5. And you've gone to all the trouble of V2 and lots of other upgrades. You have such brilliant software - let down by something so basic - which you've decided not to prioritise. You can't even say it's on the being-worked on list. That is shameful and short-sighted. People who produce materials do so for an audience, they want everyone to access it. Companies across the spectrum are working to ensure all their products and services are accessible. But not you. I'm gutted.
  6. Thanks. This is a real priority for us - which means we're going to have to look for alternatives to producing our literature, which is primarily read online. A real shame.
  7. Hi I'm not sure I've missed it, but we need to produce online documents where we can have alt-text with pictures and reading order available. Is this a function I've missed or is it in the pipeline? Really important for us at stamma.org otherwise we're going to have to look at other software. Jane
  8. It generally asks if you want to open the (can't remember the word) crashed version. But no, it didn't open the unsaved file at all. Now renamed... However, I'm still crashing the software each time I try to place a large (hi def) image in. Doesn't matter whether the object is placed or linked - it's still just hanging.
  9. Hi I had 3 files open - 2 named and one unnamed or saved (I know) when I tried to import yet another huge piece of artwork and everything froze. When I restarted the programme, it asked if I wanted to load the recovery file, which it did for one file, but not the other named file. Of the unnamed file there was no sign (not so much a problem). Where would I look for the lost file? Using Windows 11 Home. Publisher (Beta)
  10. Hi I've somehow saved the document I've been working on, and lost the master pages; and the text which was set in blocks now shows as many many strips of text, a separate box strip of text for each line. How did I get here, and how can I undo this? I don't know when this happened, but the file has been closed and re-opened and nothing is showing in history. *I feel like a learner driver in the driving seat of a Porsche*
  11. Brilliant, so I needed to save the graphics as .svg. That worked perfectly, thank you!
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