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  1. thanks. I can save fine re transparency. I'm a total rookie, so following instructions above, I'm stuck on finding 'filter'...
  2. Hi, I have a Tiff file which I'm pretty sure has a transparent background, but when I insert it into a document the background comes out as solid/white. How do I change this or convert the background into transparent. I need to overlay some handwritten text onto a new background.
  3. Baseline grid - got it, sorted, thank you so much! Am a total newbie. J
  4. Hi I've several lines of v small text, 7pt that I'm trying to manipulate. For some reason I cannot decrease the space between the lines. If I increase point size to 11, then the lines are tight together. I've used the para panel, have tried altering everything in the para leading box (exact, default, % and changing sizes). I can increase the space between lines, I just can't decrease it. I'm using publisher on windows 10. There are no guides the text is snapping too. What am I doing wrong? J