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    Social Media Banner Ad Size Artboards

    Hi - I've opened these in publisher - they look really useful, would it be possible to put in the name in each of the spreads so we know which format is for what channel? I was just thinking it would be useful to have these as standard custom sizes as options.... having spent all day ham-fistedly creating posts...
  2. Hi, I'm doing our accounts / annual report, so loads of tables, figures and totals. About which: I need to have the equivalent of a single line space below the totalled figures and the underline (or single line decoration). How can I adjust this? Or, alternatively, how can I put in the underlines in the row below?
  3. Hi, I've a logo which I want to give a background to. I've an eps file, when I put this into Publisher and give it a background, and then export it as eps it is low quality - despite selecting 400 dpi. It comes out as a 9.22 kb file (the file I paste in is 3687kb). What am I doing wrong?
  4. OK, no i need a tiny pic for this https://www.speech-language-therapy-jobs.org/jobs/9020506/service-director.asp. And thanks all for taking the time to respond
  5. Hi, when I've sent this across as a logo to an agency (for a job ad), it comes out rubbish. Though it looks OK when I open it.. STAMMA Final Logo with yellow.eps
  6. OK... so how do I export into eps so it's high quality, or isn't that possible? Otherwise it comes out pixilated.
  7. Here you go. Thank you for your help STAMMA Final Logo with yellow.eps STAMMA Final Logo.eps
  8. Hi, I've just downloaded the upgrade for Affinity Publisher for Windows - but it wont accept the product key and my email - I've treble checked them + the information is correct. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Cheers Alfred. Great programme.
  10. scrap that, for some reason I'd managed to pull up Affinity Photo validation, lord knows how. I think I've now installed it - version
  11. Hi, my printer has asked that I send over the artwork in eps format, with fonts 'turned to outline'; is this a technical term, or do I just give the font a thin outline?
  12. Hi, I have a Tiff file which I'm pretty sure has a transparent background, but when I insert it into a document the background comes out as solid/white. How do I change this or convert the background into transparent. I need to overlay some handwritten text onto a new background.
  13. thanks. I can save fine re transparency. I'm a total rookie, so following instructions above, I'm stuck on finding 'filter'...
  14. Hi I've several lines of v small text, 7pt that I'm trying to manipulate. For some reason I cannot decrease the space between the lines. If I increase point size to 11, then the lines are tight together. I've used the para panel, have tried altering everything in the para leading box (exact, default, % and changing sizes). I can increase the space between lines, I just can't decrease it. I'm using publisher on windows 10. There are no guides the text is snapping too. What am I doing wrong? J
  15. Baseline grid - got it, sorted, thank you so much! Am a total newbie. J

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