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  1. Ok, so are you saying that this will not be looked at as it "works" as intended? If the colors from a patch differ so we get defects in color, use a different method? Just so i understand how we work around it. My personal experience from the issue however is that it even though i patch from a similar area the patch sometimes gets a lot of colorshift but move a couple of pixels and the issue is not all that big. Maybe there is room for some improvement or perhaps a setting for the patch tool with "Sensitivity" option so we can tweak it? From just a clean image patch 0% Sensitivity (cut and paste basically) to 100% Sensitivity using the blending modes that is built in the tool. That would help a lot!
  2. Thank you for looking in to this! There is always something that needs to be fixed so it is a hassle to not be able to use this (and other) tools see below. For further information, it's not limited to the patch tool, this is an image from the Healing tool that shows the same discolouration. And this is from the blemish removal tool.
  3. You are welcome to Temview to try it for yourself if you want to. Tried now with Open GL (not basic) Tried with Serif engine also (both 32 and 16 bit) same result (with fog like distortion). Result using 32 bit Apple RAW engine. With 16 Bit Apple i don't get the crazy colors but they are different like a fog over the image:
  4. Using the patch tool (on a RAW file developed) it adds color that are not there to the patch. It copies from the area selected but changes the colors. Using 32t Apple engine RAW it adds colors like in picture 1 and 2. Using 32+16 bit Affinity engine RAW (Or Apple 16 bit RAW) it adds shadows/lights or hues like in picture 3. Nr 1 is from trying to patch the grass next to the patch. Nr 2 is trying a different area up in a tree. Nr 3 shows added shadow and hue. Nr 4 Video (crappy) but shows how it's not consistent but can change relative to mouse position. Images: 1 2 3 4 Nr 4.mov Affinity 1.7.1 OSX Mojave 10.14.5, Macbook pro 15 Retina 2014, Geforce GT 750M + Iris pro Open a RAW file, develop it, use the patch tool, depending on placement of mouse in the picture the colors are distorted more or less. Using external monitor 4k through thunderbolt -> DP cable
  5. Thank you for this piece of information!!! This made my day as Nikons software is (to say the least) not fantastic to work with compared to Affinity and now i can use Affinity directly! Spent hours trying to make lens profiles, (or changing perspective with the jpg to match), but its just a nightmare :-) This with another post that had problems opening RAW files (changing engine in the inspector) got me in the right path and where to change it natevly. Hopefully support for Z camera and lenses (in file raw lens profile support) will come in the future to all Affinity products. Again, thank you!
  6. Hello. I posted this in the feature request for desktop, but as i also have the iPad app this is a feature i really would like in the iPad as well. If this is considered a double post please delete this post, but it said to specifically post in iPad suggestions for iPad so well then here it is! Request: Support for in file RAW les profiles (Ex Nikon Z series and lenses) Allt the best!
  7. Hello all. First off thanks for making a fantastic piece of software! I tried to find info here in the forum by searching, but ether i can't search properly or my answer in not in here so: I use a Nikon Z6 camera with Z lens and when shooting RAW the lens profile is "built in" to the RAW file directly so there is no possibility to find lens profiles online to add to Affinity. And i think that Nikon will continue to use this way (baking lens profiles) directly into the RAW files going forward so: My feature request: Support for in RAW files with built in lens profiles. I also have the iPad app so this feature is also requested in that software. Hopefully this can be implemented without too much hassle or is in the "to do" list? All the best!

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