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  1. Hi, so far I love this program (I'm using it exclusively for web and UX design), however I have couple of suggestions to make work more easy and simple. 1. Implement support for some sort of "Ruler" (or maybe automatic ruler that will display distance from nearby objects, while moving an object), so we can easily measure distance between 2 objects. Similar to Adobe XD. 2. Implement more simple way of resizing an document. For instance, my document is 1920x1080, but If I need to resize the canvas to 1920x2080 I need to go to document setup, than dimensions, manually set document size, set it to anchor instead of rescale, and finally set anchoring point. More elegant solution would be to have some sort of bar that can be moved up or down, outside the bounds of an document. Again, similar to Adobe XD. 3. Implement support for custom Icons. For instance it would be really good to have some built in window with glyph icons , in that way we don't need to manually download them from the internet. 4. I like the idea of an assets panel, however it is missing some of the features. It should allow us to add colors and styles (including font styles) to assets also, not only reference to an object. So when we select text or any of the object, we can apply specific style to that object from assets. 5. Give us support for custom plugins. Other users could then implement very specific plugins aimed at specific business needs. For instance there is plugin for Adobe XD that will automatically download profile face from the stock photo. You just need to select an object who will be parent for that face, open plugin and set search criteria, click OK and voila, you have profile face in your object. Incredibly useful and big time saver. Thanks, hope somebody from Affinity team is reading this. Would like to hear your thaughts on that.
  2. Is there a chance for built in window to browse Google Fonts and download them? With possibility to have recommendations which font combinations to use (eg. if you use XY font for headings, you should use ABC font for body)
  3. Can I please bump this thread? This feature is really, really needed. Like super important. I was shocked that wasn't implemented yet. I realize we can go with the boolean operators but that is just ... not the same. Thanks.
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