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  1. I'm really loving Affinity Photo so far and it's well on its way to replacing photoshop entirely on my toolset, but there's a couple of limitations on the macros system that are stopping me. I have a ton of automated actions in photoshop that allow me to open up several files, tell one action to go, and a bunch of stuff happens across all those documents without me needing to do anything else. This saves me a good 15 or so minutes of manual work, and I have to do this often enough that I can't really afford to not have that. Here's some suggestions on what I think would make the macros system really powerful: - copy should be available as a macro action. It's really weird that it isn't, and for me that's really weird because if I want to make macros that allow me to transfer content from document to document, I have to cut off the macro at a certain point, tab over, and manually paste before running a different macro entirely. However, - Even the cut function should put that information on a reusable clipboard. Going off the example above, it's bizarre that when I tab into a different document I have to manually paste the newly copied information because if the macro I made earlier has a paste function in it, it'll just paste whatever happened to be in the clip board at the time of me making the macro and not the new content I just copied. - Should go without saying but closing and tabbing between documents should also be available functions so I can let one macro do all the work across files rather than needing to set up a dozen individual macros and then manually tab and run macros for each individual file. Not exactly the most appealing option when I'm trying to make changes to 20+ files at the time. - "Edit Macros" in the library panel is super limited at this point. You can't reorder the functions, so most of the time just making the same macro from scratch is the easiest and fastest way to actually get the result I want. The little panel where you can manually edit certain functions like transform are super neat, but they mean nothing if you can't, for instance, copy those functions into a different Macro if you need them replicated elsewhere. I know development takes a long time and these features won't show up for a while, if ever, but I hope the macros feature gets patched up somehow at some point since atm it's the only thing keeping me from making a full transition. Other than that, though, I love the program!