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  1. Okay, I got it fixed. I had to delete the Dell profile I was using. Just changing to sRGB did not help. Had to delete it completely. Thank you.
  2. The page is white but the object colours still appear yellow. I'm using Corel Draw, Illustrator, Indesigns, Photoshop and all of them are just fine.
  3. Callum, file attached. Profile rebrand.afdesign
  4. I tried a few profiles and matched them between Windows and AD and it is still yellow.
  5. It does display white and not yellow when I convert and view in an external viewer.
  6. My whites are yellow. I've tried all colour profiles but nothing is making my whites white. As you can see in the image, the "paper" is white. document is CMYK/8. All sliders are 0%. I'm using Windows 7 with AD 1.7. What gives.
  7. AndreZA

    Contour Function

    Affinity needs way too many steps for this function. I like the CorelDraw version. You can tell the function how many steps, how far apart and either inwards or outwards, all in one step. Okay you can't get the funky dotted line this way but if you need it you can follow basically the same steps as AD. And text remains editable and contours update as you edit text.