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  1. For anyone needing the contour function for similar purposes to mine (vinyl cutting). There is a workaround to get similar results, It's quite a few steps so I made a video. I accidentally expanded stroke twice on the blue stroke, the second time was not necessary and didn't actually do anything, just a whoops! ContourWorkaround.mp4
  2. Yeah, and as mentioned, that's great as a purely visual workaround but as soon as you bring those into vinyl cutting software it turns into a giant mess. The contour tool creates separate objects, not strokes. I appreciate the "how to" though, I'll use it for now for anything I don't have to run through my cutter.
  3. haha almost! there are only a couple I've noticed that I can't do without.
  4. I would also like to see the CD style of break text apart applied to AD. I'm a daily CD user that is slowly converting to AD and I'm only now realizing how much I rely on some of the CD features that are currently missing in AD. Really enjoying some of the AD features not in CD though!
  5. That's exciting, I do own designer and have been messing around with it most mornings before I head into my shop. There are a lot of excellent features but I've also run into a couple of quirky issues. I'm definitely going to keep my eye on it though. Once it has all of the tools that I use on a daily basis and the stability is there, I could see me switching to this as my main graphic software for sure.
  6. Thanks and thanks! No eta though, eh? Could be a month, could be 2 years type of thing? I'm looking forward to making the switch over to Affinity Designer as there are some definite benefits but the contour tool is a staple of my daily usage so I'll have to wait it out. Thanks for your quick response!
  7. Wanting to bring this feature back to light. Contour function is crucial to my daily workflow, and the workflow of most sign & graphics shops I would imagine. tschotsch's work around is good on a visual level but when it comes to actually cutting / layering physical vinyl, it doesn't work. The work around also only seems to allow to the outside, as far as I can see, while the contour/offset can go both inside and outside and then be broken apart giving you separate filled objects while leaving the text editable. A quick video attached demonstrating desired contour tool. CONTOUR.mp4
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