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  1. Hello. Can we get saveable workspaces? I use a laptop + external monitor most of the time, but not always. I need a separate panel layout for each of these situations: Laptop: unified panel layout (uncheck "separated mode") Laptop + monitor: Separated mode: Most panels arranged on laptop + context bar and artboard on external monitor. If I could save an instance of each workspace I could easily switch between depending on the situation. Hopefully this is in the works as I think this would be a feature many professionals would utilise. Thanks
  2. Hello. New to Affinity Designer after 20–odd years in Illustrator. I'd like to request a way to get into isolation mode without having to go into the layers panel. The obvious (to me) way of doing this would be option/alt-clicking an object on the artboard with the move tool (which currently does nothing) and would mimic option/alt-clicking the thumbnail in the layer panel. Same modifier-click, just on the object itself instead of the object thumbnail in the layer panel. This would speed up my workflow tremendously, and one could be in and out of isolation mode rapidly without taking your eyes and focus off your artwork. At the very least, if this existed as a menu item: Layer > Isolate we could assign a shortcut to it through preferences. Thanks and I hope you consider this request :)
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