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  1. Hello! Suggestions on the image 1. UI very small, do more 2. Tools snap to right position, not left Thanks
  2. Hello! I have a problem and sorry for my English Affinity Designer 1.6.5 (Illustrator and CorelDraw for test) Unity 2019.1.3, SVG Vector Graphics Package 1.0.0 26 Windows 7 1. Create Circle, with "Align Stroke to Center". After Export To Unity: Circle - 397 Vertices, OK! 2. Create Circle, with "Align Stroke to Inside" or "Align Stroke to Outside". After Export To Unity: Circle - 4229 Vertices, Ooooh Boy!!! Too many vertices count for simple shape 3. But if you use Illustrator or CorelDraw - all good ~ 425 vertices This is a bug or a feature?) Or am I doing something wrong? Problem with Affinity Designer or Unity SVG? Thank for the help!
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