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  1. 1. I also like a visual representation of the object, just not so big, I'm saying to add a smaller thumbnail option because the small option is still too big. I rather see more layers than a big visual representation. 2. Sure, but it's more convenient to drag and copy from the layer panel itself when you're organizing lots of layers. I would have to 1.right click 2. click duplicate 3.drag to where I want, three steps for this simple thing. CTRL/ALT + drag to copy (just like you would in the canvas) right in the layer panel would be nice. 3. That requires a right click, one more unnecessary step for something as simple as locking a layer. These things might seem really small but get annoying when you're working all day with the software.
  2. Hello, Fellow UI designer here, just wanted to suggest a few tweaks to the layers panel, 1. Add an even smaller thumbnail setting and maybe even a no thumbnail setting (Not for me but I think some people might like it). The UI is already scaled quite bigger than I'd like and wastes a lot of space from the actual view window. 2. Add the ability to copy paste things from the layers panel, for example: If I hold down CTRL and drag a layer it should let me make a copy of it. It's different than duplicate because it allows me to put the copy anywhere I want directly. 3. Lock icon in the layer itself, it's annoying having to click the layer and then going up and click the lock icon, I already use the shortcut to lock thing but still, annoying. Maybe make the icon appear alongside the checkmark icon as you hover the cursor on top of the layer? I hope you address this in the upcoming updates! Thanks.
  3. No problem, here it is. One from yesterday, the other from right now just in case. 4cf2fcd6-2fb1-4e55-847c-d924f14ecaab.dmp 5047dfc5-ff34-438d-bacf-3c440851059f.dmp
  4. Hello everyone! I'm having an issue where when I'm scrolling down about past halfway the document I linked it crashes, it just quits with no warning or error. I tried different rendering settings, I was using it with the dGPU but switched to and it seems more stable with CPU but still crashes. Note: This file was originally opened as a .PDF and then saved as a .AFPUB file, I believe the .PDF was created in InDesign. Thanks! Specs: Huawei Matebook X Pro 2018 Intel i7-8550U Nvidia MX-150 16GB RAM Windows 10 Home P18_AllGenerations_eBook_Oct2.afpub
  5. Hey @GabrielM Don't worry, here is a file that I'm able to reproduce the problem everytime, all you have to do is try to copy the layer that says "COPY THIS". Something that might be important is the fact that this project was originally imported from Illustrator and this layer's effects were converted from that. Test File - Copying Problem.afdesign
  6. Update: Seems to do it when I'm copying a group with a masked object inside of it, it happens every single time I try to copy it. Thankfully it unfreezes and I can continue but it's quite annoying.
  7. Hello, Just wanted to report the following bug: Sometimes when I try to copy something the progam hangs and stay in Not Responding state. The last time it happened was copying while selecting two objects from the layers panel. While this last time it eventually got unstuck, it took around a minute or two to do so. This problem is not EVERY time I try to copy/paste something but sometimes, frequent enough to be annoying and sometimes I just have to force quit it (thankfully haven't lost my progress, it always seems to be able to recover which is good). I took screenshots to illustrate the problem, you can see the tools being stretched (I use them non-docked) while this is happening.
  8. Hello everyone, Just wanted to suggest that it may be a good idea to make a better recent document list/screen. A recent document section could be added to the already made welcome window. At the very least let the "Open Recent" list be longer than just 10 documents, I work with lots and lots of different documents in a single day so that would greatly help. I mostly use Designer but if it's implemented into the whole suite that would be fantastic. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  9. Good news! I found out why it was taking so long to load, it's very simple, I just had too many installed fonts (2000+ !!). Something about the way Affinity handles fonts at load makes it take a long time. Illustrator didn't do this with the same amount of fonts so there's probably a way around it. Fix: Uninstalled all non-system fonts and installed a Font Manager which activates any of the previous fonts I had only when I want them to.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm having an issue where both Affinity Designer and Photo stay at "Not Responding" for about 3 minutes when starting up the program and THEN it opens fully. Basically it is super slow to open. This is a clean install as I just bought the software and there's nothing else running on the PC and the PC is still new and running well so it's clearly a problem with the software. I already tried changing the performance options (Renderer to the dedicated GPU instead of the iGPU which is the default for some reason. Also tried WARP). As for how well the program runs once it opens it's, meh, it runs jerky, zoom animations are slow and panning is super slow (This is NOT 60fps as advertised, more like 5fps) BUT if I use the touchscreen it works quite well, much better than the touchpad. I tried the software on a Mac and it was amazing but on Windows it kinda sucks so far. My Specs are: Windows 10 Home (1903 / 18362.145) Intel i7-8550U RAM 16GB iGPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620 dGPU: Nvidia MX150 EDIT: It appears that panning and zoom have improved somewhat! But sadly it still takes super long to start and still says "Not responding".
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