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  1. If its anything like my files, saving/exporting anything within the editor mode would be next to impossible. Within the initial start screen/file chooser, it is fine. It is utterly unusable at the moment, and I am seething as I have countless hours invested into various projects that I cannot access at the moment. As I stated before, simply drawing on a document using the pencil on a new/blank sufficiently large document, say 16000 x 8000 will induce lag that is unacceptable. I use an iPad Pro 2018 1TB edition
  2. A blank new document will create the issues if one sets the dimensions to say 16000 x 8000 pixels (I'm assuming this is not the minimum dimensions to experience lag problems) On a new document there is considerable lag to simple pencil drawings. On the previous versions of photo, there was no lag nor problems whatsoever with this size of document.
  3. I'm having exactly the same problems with exactly the same setup. It is unusable at the moment.
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