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  1. Hi All, I've made a little PyQT application (for Windows) to preview the cpt-city color ramps (http://soliton.vm.bytemark.co.uk/pub/cpt-city/). With this application you can: - Download the lastest cpt-city package in SVG format (http://soliton.vm.bytemark.co.uk/pub/cpt-city/pkg/) - Preview the selected color ramp - Export the selected color ramp (SVG or CSV) in your desired folder - Visualize and export Author's copyright informations and color ramps descriptions (COPYING.xml and DESC.xml) The main page: https://github.com/ivandorte/CptCityViewer/ Updated download link: https://github.com/ivandorte/CptCityViewer/releases/download/v1.0.1/CptCityViewer_1.0.1.zip Extract the zip and launch CptCityViewer.exe
  2. Hi All, I've made a little PyQT application (for Windows) to preview and export the cpt-city color ramps. The main pages: https://github.com/ivandorte/CptCityViewer/ Updated download link: https://github.com/ivandorte/CptCityViewer/releases/download/v1.0.1/CptCityViewer_1.0.1.zip
  3. Hi, thanks for sharing this tutorial. My workflow: 1) I generally read the stops and colors values from the .c3g file 2) I set-up the gradient tool with stop positions and colors (I generally use that in the adjustment) 3) I register a macro that applies this gradient 4) I add the macro to the Library (maybe inside a category, for example Hillshade): But as you can see we don't have the gradient preview in this way. Few days ago I've also created two excel files with all the gradients (using a Python script) from the cpt-city package (http://soliton.vm.bytemark.co.uk/pub/cpt-city/pkg/) But, I don't know if I can share these files in this forum, due to a license problem (each author has its own license) Improvements we need for the adjustment gradient tool: - The possibility to add float values in the stops. - The possibility to insert opacity for each color - The possibility to import gradients from .cpt, svg ecc...
  4. I didn't used an hypometric palette. I took Edward imhof's work and his color palette (blues, greens, and yellows) as reference. Eduard imhof was a Swiss master cartographer and developed a unique style to enhance terrain representation. The basic principle is to produce several masked layers (one for shadows, one for plain areas, on for peaks, ecc...) and then stack them together. So for example I extracted shadows from the basemap and colored it with a violet tone (with a multiply blend for example), then I extracted the illuminated areas and colored it with a yellow tone... Is not easy to achieve imhof's results...So I need to improve the choise of colors and the use of masks (since I'm a newbie Affinity user). I will continue to work on this project and this will takes more than 2 hours. And when I will finish, I will post the workflow in the tutorial section.
  5. Thanks Yes it takes some time, about 2-3 hours... but Labeling the Map takes more.
  6. Hi All, This is a Digital Shaded Relief of the area where I currently live (Lazio-Abruzzo border, Italy) made with AP and Arcgis Desktop. Next steps: - Remove arctifacts - Add roads, rivers, lakes, land cover, contours ecc... - Map lettering - Layout Reference: http://www.reliefshading.com/ Elevation data: http://opentopo.sdsc.edu/raster?opentopoID=OTSRTM.082015.4326.1
  7. Hi Dan, I don't have the History because I stupidly closed the project and I didn't save the History with the Document. I don't have used a shortcut to sleep my pc, but during a session I use several keyboard shortcuts: FN + F7 to sleep my pc FN + F3 or F4 for keyboard luminosity FN + F5 or F6 for screen luminosity
  8. I was trying some affinity photo features and I had created a project composed of two groups of levels. Later, I put my PC into sleep mode for lunch without closing affinity photo, but when I woke up my PC all groups had disappeared and replaced by two pixel levels ... Why? A bug? Thanks!!! have a nice day!!!
  9. Hi All, I want to share these color ramps that you can easily use with affinity software: http://soliton.vm.bytemark.co.uk/pub/cpt-city/ have a nice day Ivan
  10. Nice work!!! What fonts did you used? and what about Rome transit map?
  11. FEATURE REQUEST: Possibility to enter float values in the Stops [Gradient Map Adjustment] Hi All, Some color ramps that I often use have float values in the stops... like this one: Stop 0%: 110,145,138 Stop 0.71%: 127,162,157 Stop 2.86%: 144,174,168 Stop 8.57%: 178,190,178 Stop 14.29%: 211,201,179 Stop 28.57%: 212,184,164 Stop 42.82%: 213,192,181 Stop 57.14%: 214,209,206 Stop 71.43%: 222,222,222 Stop 85.71%: 238,238,238 Stop 100.00%: 245,246,245 But is not possible to insert float values in the stops... only integers. Thanks!!! Have a nice day!
  12. Yes, I know that you need to multiply by 100, but if you try to enter a float value such as 0.71 the software will consider it as 1, or 85.71 as 86 and so on. So Gradient tool doesn't support float values in stops, only integers.
  13. Hi All, Some color ramps that I often use have float values in the stops ranging from 0 to 1... like this one: Stop 0: 110,145,138 Stop 0.0071: 127,162,157 Stop 0.0286: 144,174,168 Stop 0.0857: 178,190,178 Stop 0.1429: 211,201,179 Stop 0.2857: 212,184,164 Stop 0.4282: 213,192,181 Stop 0.5714: 214,209,206 Stop 0.7143: 222,222,222 Stop 0.8571 238,238,238 Stop 1: 245,246,245 How to insert these values? I only see % values in the gradient map tool. Is this possible? Thanks!!! Have a nice day
  14. Hi All, It would be fantastic to use gradients saved in an Application Palette in the Gradient Map Adjustment. For details: Thanks! Have a nice day!
  15. Hi All, I've saved several gradients into an Application Palette (Hillshade) and now I would like to use these gradients in the Gradient Map Adjustment, but I noticed that you can't use these gradients directly in the Gradient Map Adjustment... or i'm doing something wrong? Is this possible? If yes, could someone tell me how to do that? Thanks!!! Have a nice day!!!
  16. Thanks to all for the replies! But currently in the gradient tool (adjustment) the opacity option for color stops is missing. I will wait for the next updates! Tschüs!! (I'm learning German now... )
  17. I tried but I don't get the expected result. I will wait for this feature. This is the result I would like to achieve with AP: This is the general workflow: https://www.esri.com/arcgis-blog/products/arcgis-pro/mapping/steal-this-imhof-like-topography-style-please/
  18. Thanks, I tried to create a custom palette with the desired opacity for each color but the opacity is ignored by gradient tool...
  19. I don't have the opacity option for every single stop in the Gradient Map I'm not using Layer Effects but the Gradient Map in the Adjustment Tab because I need to colorize this relief:
  20. It would be fantastic to modify Stops transparency like in Adobe PS or Arcgis PRO:
  21. Hi everyone, is it possible to apply a transparency to every single color in a gradient map? So, for example, apply an 85% transparency to the color in the 80% position... ESRI Arcgis Pro has this kind of possibility: Thank!!!
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