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  1. update graphic card restart computer everything works fine sorry Louis
  2. It seems to work weird for the color picker not representing the pixel selected same problem in affinity photo see attachement Thanks Louis color_picker_unprecise.mp4
  3. Approximately 2 months ago I order the Affinity Designer Book and I have no news can you help me ? Can you send me a eBook version instead ? Louis
  4. Hello Affinity team, I'm passing through all documentation of affinity product and I found a lot of video on Youtube but not for Undo Brush Tool how it works can you provide me one because the documentation is not clear to me Louis Thanks
  5. Hello, I tried stitching panorama (NEF) with the files I attached. I crash all the time. So I tried to convert to JPG with the batch job I crashed so I tried to disable parallel processing then it works. Then I tried stitching panorama with JPG and I crash because to many JPG and the panorama Render Crashed. My issues is can you fix this: - Be fully compatible with NEF files for stitching panorama or restrict it to JPG example. - Limit the number of files can be stitch to prevent crashing. Affinity Panorama.zip Louis
  6. Filters -> Noise -> Denoise (Works Good) New Live Filter Layer -> Noise -> Denoise (Does Nothing) So why Live Filter doesn't give the same good result as Filters menu (permanent)? New_Live_Filter_Layer.mp4
  7. Hello, I tested Affinity Photo denoise and it doesn't work ! I tried AcdSee denoise works fine ! See Attachment Thanks
  8. Hi Affinity Designer Team, Every thing works fine but one thing go wrong. When I drag and drop assets from Misc every thing works. But when I use other categories Affinity designer all the software freeze You should make a quick fix for the none beta version or tell me how to fix it Thanks Louis Designer_Bug_1.8.0_585.mp4
  9. Hi Affinity Team, I included and attached File that describe the problem. I bought Affinity Photo Workbook a few month ago. I found a tiny bug easy to fix. When I work between to projects the bug is simple the layers selection are not independent. By independent I mean we lost layer selection focus between projects. First I select the Discovery locked project. Then select the astronaut layer. Go into NeoDiscovery project and do the same. When I go back to Discovery locked project the layer Astronaut has lost
  10. Hi, I use Affinity Photo (beta) I'm quite satisfied. But I found a little bug with denoise. When I import a *.NEF or *.NRW I need to use the denoise inside the Develop Persona. Because if I use the denoise in Photo Persona and I do the same modification example Luminance at 75% nothing happens. Please fix this little issue I think you just forgot to code Luminance ? See file attached to test my bug. Louis-Philippe Hebert Thank You! DSCN0197.NRW
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