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  1. Old Bruce...believe it or not...I tried that first. Unfortunately it did still did not work...BUT you know what did work....I restarted my computer and then voila, my icons are there with a miniature photo. Soooo strange but so thankful. I really appreciate your help and everyone who commented. Thank you.
  2. I did close the affinity photo program and I still cannot see the miniature photos... I did go to finder and then to show view options and clicked on photo..still no change.
  3. I just am lost... I opened my image in afphoto and Pushed command +J and it duplicated my image in layers as you can see in the image below. I went to view and did not see view options. I screen shot my actions and posted below Sorry this did not work for me. Any other suggestions...
  4. I am editing my images in affinity photo v2 on a MacBook Pro. I have done quite a few edits and they have saved on my desktop as a small photo but now they are saving as a purple icon. Can anyone tell my why or what I did to have this happen? I would really like the small photo to show. I attached an image below to show you what has happened. Thank you
  5. Thank you both for your help...unfortunately I am not great at anything computer related. I did try to do a video recording on my macbook pro but, alas, could not figure it out. I am just glad the rotate tool works in my way. Thank you again.
  6. version of mac OS ventura 13.4.1. I did figure out a work around to the rotate problem... I have to zoom out of my image and make it much smaller ...then I have to hover the curser over the outside of the crop box of my image until I see the rotate arrow..then I have to place the rotate arrow way away from the image to make the rotate tool work. It is doable but then I have to zoom back after I am done to see if I did everything correctly....a bit frustrating but at it does work.
  7. affinity photo v2 up to date using a macbook pro. I am editing quite a few photos... My crop and rotate tool was working at the beginning and now I am having major problems with both actions... but mainly the rotate ....When I open a photo from my desktop in affinity photo and click the crop tool a box goes around my photo...50% of the time I can crop using my track pad but 99% of the time now I can not rotate the photo. I click outside the crop box and wait for the curved arrows to appear...I grab the rotate arrow with my curser using my track pad, like I said, and try to turn my photo using my finger but for the most part...nothing happens now.... It is like the tool doesn't work but it was working earlier... help. Attaced is the photo I am trying to rotate in the crop box for your reference I did restart my computer but that did not help
  8. A gentlemen on the affinity "Bug" area told me that I probably need to restart my mac computer and that is it ...So easy to fix... Yea!!
  9. I opened up a photo in affinity photo v2 on my laptop and printed 3 prints .....upon trying to print it a 4th time I got this error.... No pages from the document were selected to be printed....I tried selecting it by putting a rectangle around it but same error happened...I went to my canon pixma pro 100 printer and added an updated driver and it was able to print 5 more prints before this same error happened again. Help....Thank you
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