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  1. Hi, The one thing I miss a lot having dumped Adobe for Davinci / Affinity is the wonderful dynamic linking in Adobe products. It would be GREAT if afdesign files could be used within Resolve and changes made in Affinity would update in Resolve. Pretty please?! tx Mark.
  2. Hi MEB. When I undo ctrl-z (tried both left and right ctrl keys) nothing appears in the history panel. And yet CTRL-z is undo in Keyboard Shortcuts in Preferences! WEEEEIIIRD>>>>> I deleted the Keyboard Shortcuts undo command and put CTRL-Z back in, and now it works. It is identical to how it was... I'm pretty sure its a bug but have no way of repeating it now. Thanks for the input MEB. Previously I had also tried the "Reset" button to reset all shortcuts, though I had not customised any of them, and this did not make any difference. Only deleting the shortcut and recreating it worked.
  3. YES PLEASE! I find it quite annoying that the View (Hand) Tool is the default. I NEVER want to use that... prefer using SPACEBAR-DRAG as the way to move, because it works regardless of which tool you have selected. Forcing the hand is clumsy and a time waster IMO.
  4. Ah, and the undo not undoing? Did you see that on the video? HUH? It seems Ctrl-Z isn't working as undo... I'll look into that. CTRL-Z is the command for undo in the Preferences, but does not work at all... selecting UNDO in the menu does work. (???)
  5. Hi MEB, ok great, thanks. It does seem odd though that a photo, which is pixels, and only pixels, would still need rasterising. I would understand if it was a text layer, or a layer which might not contain pixels only... Anyhow, now I know to rasterise before. TX
  6. Hello peeps, I have made a little video to show what i mean, but basically its this: I have several layers, I select one. Then I click the selection tool, create the selection, press Backspace. The whole layer disappears, not just the selected area. I don't understand how to delete just the selected area. Thanks! See the video here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NhNTFho5onXLVKFSbqkg62BT-94hK3u5/view?usp=sharing
  7. Hi all, Having cancelled my Creative Suite subscription, the only Photoshop thing I miss is its ability to create keyframe animations and output them as APNG or GIF files. This is very useful for me to create little animated buttons for my 360° virtual tours. Thanks, Mark.
  8. Neither is photoshop, but you can create animated PNG's in photoshop... This is the only reason I still NEED photoshop! So YES affinity would do well to add something like this.
  9. This is ok if you already have a series of images for each of your animation frames. There is also good, free websites that offer this too, but what PS can do is to actually allow you to design the the frames, animate objects, output that as separate png files with alpha.
  10. Hello peeps, I do interactive 360° tours, and creating custom animated png files for my clients is a must. I would love to get completely away from the CS subscription plan i'm on, but can't unless I find another app to create APNGs. So that would be my #1 feature request. Text on a path would be good too, but not imperative for me. Thanks, Mark.
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