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  1. Neither is photoshop, but you can create animated PNG's in photoshop... This is the only reason I still NEED photoshop! So YES affinity would do well to add something like this.
  2. This is ok if you already have a series of images for each of your animation frames. There is also good, free websites that offer this too, but what PS can do is to actually allow you to design the the frames, animate objects, output that as separate png files with alpha.
  3. Hello peeps, I do interactive 360° tours, and creating custom animated png files for my clients is a must. I would love to get completely away from the CS subscription plan i'm on, but can't unless I find another app to create APNGs. So that would be my #1 feature request. Text on a path would be good too, but not imperative for me. Thanks, Mark.