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  1. Hey, here's my "Masking & Layering Hair in Affinity Designer" - Not a beginner friendly tutorial 5 tips for layering and masking hair (or other objects) in vector. Listed in the order I like from most to least. Apologies for the mic pops, I'm working on a better setup.
  2. Hey guys this is my first spoken tutorial, hope it will help. Affinity Designer Vector Gradients that Follow Complex Shapes Curves https://youtu.be/q0-ISyxLub0
  3. @firstdefence thanks for the reply. Ah yes I keep forgetting about the crop tool thanks. Using those steps i wasn't able to reproduce the example. I modified the approach to use a black shape for the cutout and include a larger white background to act as a mask for the remainder of the object. This has the consequence of the masked object to be clipped by the boundaries of the mask. The original example isn't confined in such a manner. It merely acts as an eraser on the cutout section while leaving the rest of the object. I attached a video and youtube link to highlight these differences and my steps to produce an approximation. I know there are other ways to achieve this but I find it perplexing to not know how this one was done! Cheers 2019-05-31 20-43-49.flv
  4. Hi, I am unsure how this mask was created. I would expect the black parts of the mask to show the masked object while hiding the rest, instead this mask does the opposite. Does anyone know how to replicate this? The mask has a symbol in the bottom right of the icon don't know where a legend is for reading these? Please see attached example. Any help is much appreciated, thanks! mask-cutout.afdesign original source file
  5. windows 10 pro --- Affinity Designer version This is happening in my current web design project but this is the simplest method i found to reproduce it. doing either of the below steps mutates or moves the objects. 1 - Grouping objects that have constraints and are nested in a parent which has been transformed. 2 - changing constraints on items in a constraints group which is nested in a parent. Method 1 screen capture of issue make new layer place object (rectangle) deselect the constraints lock the constraints to top left and right only. resize the layer place two more object in that layer deselect inner resizing constrains constrain top and left only group the later two objects note that the objects are re-positioned on the document or hidden completely Method 2 Screen capture of the issue make new object create two more objects nested in first group the latter two change the groups constraints to top left and right only. (just selecting one side works too) select the two nested objects directly and change the constraints note that the objects are re-positioned and mutated.
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