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  1. Steensplinter

    Publisher Crashes when opening file

    I have the same experience, that opening a apub-publication (made with the last version) results in a crash.
  2. Steensplinter

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Installed perfectly (W10)
  3. installed without problems (W10) Looking forward to official release.
  4. Installed correct in W10. Looking forward to the official release
  5. Installed perfectly (w10) Looking forward to official release over two weeks
  6. Steensplinter

    Affinity Publisher Public Beta -

    Installed and works fine for me (W10)
  7. Thanks for adding managing pdf export settings. Will it be possible to add: 1- import + convert Adobe Print Jobs (from my printing firm) 2- PDF version 1.3 (used by my printing firm - because of use of transparency) 3- number + percentage included fonts (all fonts, 1%) 4- zip-compression for images (no jpg). YS Jan den Ouden (Steensplinter)

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