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  1. If you draw multiple lines using the pen tool, with the option "add new curve to selected curves object" selected, you get a single object consisting of multiple lines. You can then only change the characteristics of all the lines together. How do you separate them into distinct objects so as to change the width or colour of each line separately? I expected to be able to "ungroup" them, but that option is greyed out.
  2. Andrew Michell

    Can't open PDF files

    Thanks Merde. Opening the file in Acrobat and saving it enabled Affinity to open it. phil_r, can you explain how you open a file in preview?
  3. Andrew Michell

    Can't open PDF files

    I too get a "could not be parsed" message when trying to open pdfs which I have scanned. Photoshop CS4 can open them but none of the Affinity products can. Scan can't be parsed.pdf

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