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  1. @Patrick Connor IM IN! it mustn't have been complete, but I couldn't re-download earlier as the internet at work was quite slow. Its weird that it hadn't been completed as usually the icon isn't present if not complete. Anyway thanks - I think a fresh download has resolved it.
  2. @Patrick Connor Its a publisher issue. I use edge, so it's not that. And yes affinity photo is fine (installed the latest version today) I purchased designer on my ipad - may have been through a different email. Ive been involved with beta and its been pretty much good all the way through (apart from last beta I had a couple of issues on). I've tried open as admin. I've unistalled the beta, restarted about 10 times. Im just doing a fresh download now
  3. It was fine on all the beta versions.....and yes I have tried checking the integrity of the download
  4. I have version 1803 and its not working on mine
  5. ill try find my version as I have the same issue, I always let it update though...
  6. Support????????? Anybody there?...….
  7. Hi, I've posted elsewhere but I really need a quick response. as I cant use the software at all and have work to do - typical now im paying for it...…. I downloaded the paid for latest Windows version from my account (Yes definitely windows) yet when I try to open the message says: This App cant run on your PC To find a version for your PC, Check with your software publisher. I'm running windows 10, been using all the beta versions with only a few issues.
  8. Hi Guys, I downloaded publisher from the site, the windows version that was paid for with my license. I just get a message saying: This APP cant run on your PC To find a version for your PC check with the software publisher. Really need to get this resolved quickly as I need it for ongoing work.
  9. sitimms

    Crashes in latest beta

    @jon p Just uploaded it to dropbox, typically it's not doing it now:) What I found was it seemed to do it more frequently if it was the first file I opened after starting the application, then say I had another 4 or 5 documents open that I was working on and then opened that particular document - it would crash. Like I say, I never really had issues with this on publisher's earlier releases - they seemed pretty stable.
  10. sitimms

    Crashes in latest beta

    @Jon PSo bit of an update, yes sorted the .399 release I think, not sure what was happening yesterday and Ive checked on the 'about' that its correct. So it is still doing what it was doing yesterday, it crashes instantly on one particular document more than others - I open a document and as soon as it opens the whole thing closes down, it does have some about 10 images logos etc. But I have worked on the same document on other releases and not had this issue. I really cant get all the crash files to send to you as some of them fail uploading - I've tried to send them one at a time too and they crash too - is there an email or something and I can send them by wetransfer to you?
  11. sitimms

    Panasonic GH5s

    Any reply to this????????……….. When will the GH5S files be supported?
  12. I would do but now I am having big issues loading Publisher:)
  13. sitimms

    Crashes in latest beta

    I am really struggling to get it to load now, sometimes it loads, then every time it says there is a new version of beta, I must have downloaded 5 separate times today thinking it was a different release that you had been doing today. So I've tried to uninstall, then I go back to the forum, download the version and it doesn't open now. It asks to repair or uninstall, repairing doesn't work. PS I have an un-messed with Dell desktop, 6gb graphics,16gb ram and ryzen 1700 processor. When I did have it working it seems to crash very easily, where as for the last few months I'd say all the other releases were more stable. Also - It just says upload failed on some of the reports when I try and attach the reports here.... 10d87bbb-4a1c-45e7-a5df-2c6f9029498d.dmp b807c189-6d45-463e-a2c8-c5d60a35cd8c.dmp 90cc3b89-4b0e-45c2-bff7-c7b87e0f27ea.dmp abe7cdc8-7a08-41c0-9a5d-bf416c545a5d.dmp
  14. sitimms

    Crashes in latest beta

    I have been having a lot of crashes recently (Now I've paid for the software funnily enough) and now I cant even open the program - it just comes up with 'setup completed successfully' and then won't open. Been trying for the last 2 hours.
  15. I've noticed this for a few releases - change the text size and it just reverts back to the original size. Using Windows Desktop PC

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