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  1. @Patrick Connor IM IN! it mustn't have been complete, but I couldn't re-download earlier as the internet at work was quite slow. Its weird that it hadn't been completed as usually the icon isn't present if not complete. Anyway thanks - I think a fresh download has resolved it.
  2. @Patrick Connor Its a publisher issue. I use edge, so it's not that. And yes affinity photo is fine (installed the latest version today) I purchased designer on my ipad - may have been through a different email. Ive been involved with beta and its been pretty much good all the way through (apart from last beta I had a couple of issues on). I've tried open as admin. I've unistalled the beta, restarted about 10 times. Im just doing a fresh download now
  3. It was fine on all the beta versions.....and yes I have tried checking the integrity of the download
  4. ill try find my version as I have the same issue, I always let it update though...
  5. Hi, I've posted elsewhere but I really need a quick response. as I cant use the software at all and have work to do - typical now im paying for it...…. I downloaded the paid for latest Windows version from my account (Yes definitely windows) yet when I try to open the message says: This App cant run on your PC To find a version for your PC, Check with your software publisher. I'm running windows 10, been using all the beta versions with only a few issues.
  6. Hi Guys, I downloaded publisher from the site, the windows version that was paid for with my license. I just get a message saying: This APP cant run on your PC To find a version for your PC check with the software publisher. Really need to get this resolved quickly as I need it for ongoing work.
  7. Any reply to this????????……….. When will the GH5S files be supported?
  8. I have the same issue with my GH5S - this camera has been out for well over a year now guys so what is happening? I just get the pink noisy screen for raw files. What point is this software, I didn't think for 1 minute when I purchased it that I wouldn't be able to edit my raw photos...…..And PS I use windows desktop.
  9. It appears the GH5S is not Supported. Can Affinity please tell us when this will be implemented as the camera has been out now for well over a year and it is really frustrating and counter productive not being able to edit the raw files.
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