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    Affinity for Linux

    I actually have a bunch of friends who are graphics designers, concept artists and game artists whom I've been trying to get to switch to Linux, but they've been all "Well, can I use Adobe software on Linux?" I've tried drafting a list of Linux software packages that destroy Adobe options and more, but it falls down to mainly Photoshop and Illustrator. For VFX, Blender is the best 3D modeling package I know (Challenges AE with their new 2.8 release coming up). Nuke is there for some intense industry level composition, Davinci Resolve absolutely destroys Premiere Pro, Libre Office is more than capable of handling paperwork, and so on. I've been preaching Linux to them for so long that they've come to really like it. They just can't take the plunge because they want a good vector creation program with a good photo editing software that doesn't look like something from the 90s (Gimp and Inkscape). I mean Gimp is a sad love story for me, and Inkscape is so not user-friendly that it reminds me of Blender 2 years ago. Blender 2.79 had a terrible interface, but I still liked it because it got the job done better and arguably faster than the other industry modeling software I'd tried. Inkscape and Gimp will have to bewitch me to want to learn them. Please bring Affinity to Linux. I'm still using Windows just because I can't get the latest version of Photoshop to work flawlessly on Linux. It all starts with a page and a tweet. The community will take over.
  2. Theophile Eyong

    Affinity for Linux

    Hey guys, I'm a Junior Game Environment artist and I really don't see why this hasn't happened till now. You just need to put up a page saying the amount of money needed the port Affinity to Linux. I'm an Arch Linux user and I love using Linux a million times more than Windows. I honestly don't see how any Linux lover won't want to pay ONCE for Photo and Designer. I know for a fact that so many Windows users will switch to Linux after Affinity drops. Right now, us 3D artists are bound to use Windows for our work, when we know that Linux is so much more performant. Blender3D is now gaining a lot of popularity in 2019 and this means a lot. You can see that just the fact that more people are switching to Blender has gotten them more financial aid in just two years of the Blender 2.8 project. As more and more people are trying to free themselves from Autodesk for Blender, others are trying to leave Adobe for Affinity. It might seem one-sided here, but I'm really loving the idea of a future when I can use Blender, Affinity Photo and Designer, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter, Designer, and Alchemist, PureRef and XNormal for game development. I get that it will cost a ton to make this happen. If you can't port it without financial aid, all you need do is put up a page about it and you'll see just how many people have been waiting for this. The community will spread the word is you take a step forward!

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