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  1. "500.000 to develop Linux version" Where is the crowdfunding link to get a Linux port?
  2. Obvious follow-up question: So, when will there be a plan for a Linux version?
  3. the42dude


    "There's no need to start a new thread." Still: our pain of not supporting Linux is real. There, here and especially in real life.
  4. I tried using affinity designer in a Windows VM on Linux. This sucks. It is too slow to work fluently. So I tried gimp. Still awful! Not as awful as in the past, but differently awful. Seriously ghastly. I just can repeat: I expect affinity as the most modern and professional graphics software to be an easy winner with _no_ competition on Linux and it is the only application running on all three platforms which is a huge argument in heterogeneous IT environments (like ours with 25 creative workstations). And its soooo much cheaper than Adobe's old cr@p. Even my Adobe fanboys were impressed when I showed them some of the circle features of designer to create a logo. And in my experience it is mostly a myth that teams need the 'integration' of lots of the Adobe CS applications. These dont even work that well (by far) as one might hope or is implied.