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  1. Finally getting around to replying to your suggestion about system prefs color setting.... No, it's set to blue. I am shopping for a new Mac, so we'll see what difference that makes. Thanks for the reply. Happy hopeful new year.
  2. Is there a fix to this bug in 1.8.6 yet? I wasted a lot of time checking every conceivable setting and puzzling what I was doing wrong! OS 10.11.6 El Capitan.
  3. Running Photo 1.8.6 on OS 10.11.6. (I know, I know, it's an antique, but it still works after 11 years and one motherboard replacement.) On my computer the save field is whited out only on Export. No biggy, but 1.8.6 has worse problems, which I'll address on another thread.
  4. Thank you! I was looking for that setting in Text/Alignment or View/Studio. I'm still getting used to this program and I have a tendency to ignore many of the icons in the toolbar and use the drop down menu instead. Your help saved my sanity, because I knew it had to be somewhere!
  5. I am looking for, but not finding, an equivalent to Mac Pages' Arrange/Distribute Objects Evenly. The closest action in Publisher is to Duplicate then move the duplicated line to desired position. Further iterations will replicate the spacing, BUT if I need to adjust or add to the grouping later I need to start all over. In Pages, any time you want to rearrange the lines you place the first and last where you want them, select all the lines, then Arrange/Distribute Objects Evenly/Vertical (or Horizontal or Evenly, depending upon the orientation and desired arrangement), and no matter how many lines are between the first and last they are spaced evenly between those two. [MacBook Pro, OS 10.11.6]
  6. When a notification about an update appears, please make it so the link labeled "release notes" actually links to this forum instead of the home page. Thank you.
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