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  1. Application crash upon dragging colour and dropping on gradient stop; can repeat, however does not occur on *every* drag the colour and drop it on a gradient stop event. I *think* the specific issue is that in that area of my document there is a high density of other entities: guides, edge-of-artboard, other vector fills (solid) etc, and it may be that in moving to the given gradient stop, I'm passing over those other items enroute - if this is indeed the issue, there needs to be some better exception handling written if Designer cannot handle improper target entities having colours dragged
  2. I know this may seem picayune, but... I've spent a LOT of time the last 15 years building up swatch libraries and my own internal graphic style libraries to make illustrative site plans and elevations quick to produce and effective to do with interns etc. I would LOVE if Affintiy Designer could import these once, and then convert them to Affinity Styles...
  3. So apparently there was an issue with my upload the first time... <ahem> so I have just re-uploaded my image, and hey presto, there it is!
  4. Here is my first pass with affinity - based on the excellent tutorial on YouTube (you know how you are!!) and here's my quick take on it.
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