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  1. My wife is from there, and we lived there for several years until the thing with Crimea started. For the most part, she always knew which tram or metro to use to go where we wanted : )
  2. Metro, definitely metro. I should have clarified that.
  3. It looks great. The extra effort may make it the plaque he looks at most fondly down the line.
  4. AmateurAffiniter

    Company Profile $15

    I like bright colors, so the yellow looks good to me. I might even include some of the blaze orange from that one page with the orange uniform. I agree that the black text on the "helmet in hand" picture is hard to see. It reminds me of the first brochure I ever made, which had black text over a very busy background--hard to read. I feel like those large bold yellow and white letters ought to have a thicker black outline too, to make them pop a little. (Adding a drop shadow might not fit the tone there.)
  5. Looks good. You should do Kharkiv. If you make it, I'll print it and hang it on my wall!
  6. He he, yeah, "not healthy". I need to know how to use affinity better, because it seems more capable than Gimp. But I spent years learning the former.
  7. I started with a stock eps. Converted to PNG in Gimp (because that's the program I know how to use best), then converted back to EPS in Inkscape using "Trace Bitmap". Is there any way to take a non-vector image and just convert to smooth vector in Affinity? Thanks, by the way.
  8. Argh. Never mind now it's working with the PNG. Not with my EPS from Inkscape, though. Does this next one have transparent bg for you? postcard-back-guy.eps
  9. Thanks for responding. Sure, here is one layer. It's a png with transparent background.
  10. I am importing images into Affinity. They have transparent backgrounds, but Affinity is showing the white background instead. When I first purchased Affinity, I searched for this topic and found the "Transparent Background" checkbox in File > Document Setup. But it's not working now (I haven't used the program for a while). The background stays white even when I check the box. First, I tried EPS, and thought it was a problem with EPS images or something. But it's doing the same thing with my PNGs with transparent background. Please help. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I'm new with this tool and don't have a lot of experience with eps files. In fact, I bought affinity strictly to use eps stock photos that I purchased for my business (instead of paying somebody else). Anyway, one of the files was an XL jpg. So removed the background in another program, and converted to png with transparent bg. Then I opened in affinity, still had transparent bg, and exported as eps. Except when I close it, and reopen the new eps from affinity, it now has a white background. Yes, I did go to document setup and check "transparent". But it does nothing for the new eps. Please advise? Thanks.

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