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  1. Rulers are certainly there now. Probably already were... Guides also of course. Can I drag out a guide from the edge? not sure, will have to try.
  2. What you are looking for there is a search/replace on one hex or rgb value. Like [search for #FF0000 and replace with #FF6347]. It probably could be done, but why would you I wonder? Perhaps you need ffmpeg to try that.? for example for example https://video.stackexchange.com/questions/19631/ffmpeg-how-to-replace-video-background-color-with-transparency-while-capturi
  3. Ok, so I'm trying to find my way around the iPad interface, but I'm discovering that there are some major inconsistencies in what I'm seeing on my iPad, and what I'm seeing in the online help files on the Affinity website and discussions. Including in Affinity Spotlight. In fact, it looks a lot like the Spotlight tutorial for Pen Tools is either very old - or done on the Desktop. The Context Tools don't look a lot like any version I'm using. The interface looks very little like my iPad interface in relation to the context toolbars. And of course the in-app help file while useful as a reference tool is practically useless when working because it's inaccessible from within a project. The in-app help file can't be printed out. Doesn't appear to exist anywhere outside the app, and so remains interesting, but all but useless in a working environment as I mentioned. I started out by looking at the Move Tool screen, and the default Context toolbar. I wanted to know what the options all meant. The arcane little icons especially the little group of six in the right-hand side have no tags, no pop-up-names, nothing. Unless you exit the project, go to the main opening splash screen, and open Help, then search for Move Tool. and there they are, in a listing. The ONLY way of keeping a copy of that screen is a screen-grab, into Photos to print, or directly export from the screengrab to print. A nice waste of ink, because the whole interface is in dark mode and can't be changed. So it's a white print on a black background deal. So now, armed with a printout, back into the project and see if I can remember what I was doing. And that's just for the Move tool. The same for the Pen Tool, arguably the most used tool in the system, but there we are. Exit, Help, Search, Screengrab, print, return to the project. How many help screens are there? Too many to keep going down that road. So here I am, hoping against hope that somewhere in the not too distant future the team will address the lack of fundamental help available for the iPad versions of this great software. Because iPad Photo suffers from the same problem. We need. 1. An external Help File. Printable or at least in Kindle/eBook format. You have the HTML file in the app. Just export it into an eBook. Just make it available online so I can print it out! 2. Context-sensitive help in-app. This should probably be number 1 actually. A big one I know. But not difficult. Hold the Pen tip on the tool for two seconds, and it displays its name and a short help. ie; Add new curve to selected curves object Used in conjunction with any one of the other modes, it creates additional curves on the same layer as the initial curve. Now if this is being done already - great. I'd love to know before I go crazy here with the back and forth. This is a fabulous suite of apps, for all platforms, but the iPad versions are beginning to feel like the poor cousins of the desktop guys. Don't go down the Adobe route and end up with flakey products through lack of attention to detail. regards Robert
  4. Excellent work and still very much appreciated. Affinity/Serif are missing an important market here by not giving more attention to the iPad versions of the software. I know its all about "time and motion" but still... Thanks for the great ideas about Readdle etc.
  5. ok guys, how do I convert the directory full of html files to a pdf? and for those trying to see into the iPad ... use this... https://imazing.com thanks
  6. Well, it is now possible to use software to read the app sandbox on the iPad, where you can find the Help files for the Affinity apps. Or anything else for that matter. However, extracting them and condensing into a useable document is a mission I decided not to accept. Mission Impossible you might say. I started to do it, but in the end, was it worth it? I gave it up. They are in a rather strange - ios specific format. When you consider that Serif must have that document floating about already, what would it take to release it as at least a PDF, or another overpriced book? Have a look here. Could be useful https://imazing.com
  7. I can combine selected shapes in a layer, but it doesn't create a Compound. Just a flat shape. Am I missing something here? Found it, sorry.
  8. I'd really like to see eBook availability this year... Does anyone know if it's coming? Or perhaps is there an update coming out any time soon?
  9. It’s easy to locate each file, and they download easily, but being able to see them in an index would be much better.
  10. Is it possible to put the workbook files somewhere accessible please? its a real mission having to try and locate them chapter by chapter when needed.
  11. Thanks for the help guys. That’s it. I’m sure I knew, but had forgotten it. :-)
  12. Hi, if you are still there, or someone is, do you have a step by step on how to do this please?
  13. Well I must be holding my tongue wrong. Nothing I do will allow me to drag that image in as a size I can use?
  14. I’m trying to place an image dragged in from pixabay, but it drops in Full Size. I can’t seem to find a way to place it at a manageable size. any ideas?
  15. I’m on page 118, and can’t seem to get step 4 to work? Selecting Invert simply inverts the layer, rendering the whole image a grey mess. what am I missing here? Found it, thanks to this very question having been asked elsewhere. Problem solved.
  16. I’d really like to be able to print out Designers Help in a pdf document. Is there any way of doing this? The online version is nice, but you can’t use them both at the same time!
  17. Any chance of this being updated to the latest version, 1.7.3 ???
  18. Thanks Dan. But that’s about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. I saw that. theres just no decent documentation for the iPad versions.
  19. I’m trying to find some, or Any, documentation about the Appearance panel and how to use it. There’s nothing that I can find after days of trawling the net. does anyone know where or when some decent documentation may be released for the iPad versions?Designer on the iPad that is by the way. thanks robert
  20. Ok, think I have it. I’ll need to do some serious practice to figure out how this works. iPad does it differently.
  21. This is an InDesign thing that I’m trying to convert. As in, Make sure that your circle stays selected and open the Appearance panel (Window > Appearance). Add a second fill using the Add New Fill button and then select it.
  22. You are welcome, I’m glad you find it useful. Welcome to the forum.
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