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  1. What is the equivalent of double clicking an image in Photo? i don’t mean double tap by the way. I mean when one uses the mouse to double-click an image to open it.
  2. I’ve been playing with various methods of doing Perspective in Designer, but of course unlike Photo it’s not built in. i can get a perspective event, but have to switch back and forth. does anyone know if Perspective is coming to Designer.?
  3. Given that there is a whole new generation of iPads out now - since 2017... including a newly engined iPad mini, I'm kind of hoping that you will be able to run up Affinity Photo on some of the new iPads.
  4. If I have a project created on the Desktop, I can save to iCloud Affinity Photo However, if I create a project on the iPad, I can not save it to iCloud Affinity Photo. i can see the folder, but can’t save to it. I can load a project from it. But not save to it. Why is this?
  5. On iPad Photo. This is annoying me, I can’t find out how to change the gradient colour? its always black. No matter what colour the layer object, selecting gradient overlay turns it black what am I doing wrong
  6. Seriously, I need Rulers and dragable Guides, and Grids. Custom grids that is. As with that other program. Rulers. Really need rulers. Guides that I can drag out from the ruler edge... Grids that I can customize. Set a grid Three rows, Two columns, auto spaced... etc etc thanks
  7. Ah well. I’m on the iPad photo, and your images as helpful as they are, are not what I see on the iPad, more like desktop... but they are in Designer... thanks.
  8. I have found the grids in Designer, but can’t seem to find out how to set custom grids.
  9. For some reason, when I try entering text with Art Text now, it’s showing with a border in the selected colour, and black fill. I cant seem to reset it to the default of just writing solid text in the color I select. what have I done wrong here? thanks
  10. HarryMcGovern

    Text is appearing as bordered with black fill?

    Sorry, it appears to have fixed itself. I’ve no idea what was happening, but I had some text on another with some fx turned on. so I un-check all the options in that, which crashed the app entirely, and opened it up again. Created a new layer, and it seemed to be working ok. Very strange. thanks for the reply, I’ll see what happens. Can I actually attach a file here, or just the image?
  11. Is it possible to turn off/on Dark Mode?
  12. HarryMcGovern

    How do I turn off Dark Mode

    That’s a pity. Not to worry, it’s just my tired old eyes struggling along :-) I’ve got both desktop and iPad, but I’m mostly on the iPad. Probably 99% of the time. Thanks for the info. It explains why I couldn’t find the option...
  13. HarryMcGovern

    Is there a pdf or other book for the ipad

    There is one on Affinity Revolution. It’s the only one I can find. It’s not too expensive and runs fine on Apple Books. Probably others. Odd sales model, but whatever. I bought it and it looks ok. https://courses.affinityrevolution.com/p/ebook-affinity-photo-ipad-for-beginners
  14. I have the Affinity Photo Bible on my IPad Kindle, but can’t seem to locate one for the iPad, is there a pdf/kindle whatever for iPad versions for Photo and Designer? thanks No matter. Found it.
  15. I’m trying to colorize an old photo. Basically the steps are like this. load image Recolour change hue to blue by dragging in the circle, same for saturation brush in skin/hair in black, to remove hue all that goes according to plan. to color hair alone, set another recolour adjustment. But I don’t see that layer appear when I again select recolour. i select layer mask, open channel studio, invert. But it seems to be inverting the original recolour mask, not a new one... because there isn’t one. what am I doing wrong? so question. shouldnt there be two recolour masks? Should there be two layers? Thanks.
  16. I can’t help thinking that Publisher is missing a huge market segment if nothing else if it doesn’t also include ebook production. it already does excellent pdf creation, and a number of other formats, but not true ebook production as Vellum does. Just a thought. Quote ”Created with usability and elegance in mind, Vellum is a fantastic software for creating Apple-, Kobo- and Amazon-approved ebooks and POD books with one click. While there are other, much cheaper software solutions to do this for you, some of them even listed in this guide, Vellum is unique: it creates not only professional but beautiful text-centric ebooks. If your goal is to create a book as elegant as a Penguin edition, Vellum can be your choice. The creators took care of everything: simple to use, efficiently imports from Word, and easy to change things even after the epub export.”
  17. This is from KDP, Amazon Kindle publishing at https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G200634390 As I see it, Affinity Publisher exports some of these at least at the moment? So all that’s needed then is to find the best one, and upload it to your KDP project.
  18. I believe they are working on this for a release some time this year. I’m looking forward to it myself. meantime the files it can export to are really good quality and can easily be converted by third party systems, like KDP and the others.
  19. I put this on Affinity Publisher FB group. Autoflow text into a page, and self replicate automatically adding pages as needed AutoFlow Text in Affinity Publisher.mp4
  20. So the text frames have to be applied to the master, or simply to a page, like page 3 etc?
  21. Is there a Publisher book planned? Due for release soon? thanks
  22. HarryMcGovern

    Resize lmage (layer) in document

    Thanks for pointing out the Transform for setting the layer size exactly. It also allows the x and y axis position to be set. excellent.
  23. Seems to be ok here. You must be not setting transparent background, then adding a layer maybe?
  24. Wow, that’s a real trap. Glad you spotted it.
  25. Thanks. I’ll give that a try. I’m out at the moment. Which reminds me, if that imported image of the cloud has a transparent background, why can’t I see the blue background? thanks robert