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  1. Are you saying then that photoshop plugins work with affinity?
  2. I can’t help thinking that Publisher is missing a huge market segment if nothing else if it doesn’t also include ebook production. it already does excellent pdf creation, and a number of other formats, but not true ebook production as Vellum does. Just a thought. Quote ”Created with usability and elegance in mind, Vellum is a fantastic software for creating Apple-, Kobo- and Amazon-approved ebooks and POD books with one click. While there are other, much cheaper software solutions to do this for you, some of them even listed in this guide, Vellum is unique: it creates not only professional but beautiful text-centric ebooks. If your goal is to create a book as elegant as a Penguin edition, Vellum can be your choice. The creators took care of everything: simple to use, efficiently imports from Word, and easy to change things even after the epub export.”
  3. I’ve pre purchased Publisher beta, and believe it will get a name change. My question is, when it’s released will it be released on the App Store and available there to pre purchasers? Or will it be the downloadable model? thanks Robert
  4. Done, thanks for the heads up. Could have sworn I saw something about a name change, but probably wrong. I often am.
  5. Hi, that’s cool. I was just curious mainly. I’m not worried about messing about with refunds etc. I’m happy with it as it is. As I said, just curious. thanks.
  6. Sorry, I do mean Publisher. The reason I asked is that with the Apple App Store updates are automatic, and in addition the app is available in the Family sharing option. A direct download loses these features by its very nature. One will have to rely on (possibly) manually updating the app if and when updates become available. System changes, modifications, indeed reinstalls, will create a situation where re-establishing a working copy will be fraught with the usual problems. A suggestion perhaps would be to issue a Code that could be used on the App Store, to use in place of a direct download? Robert
  7. Thanks, that’s good to know. i figured there were still a few bugs and things missing here and there. i still love the program though. Very nice.
  8. Hi, I set up a Master page, to A5 size. It appears to be fine. however, when I Place a document into it, the document appears to have different dimensions. Either the Master is too large, or the document is too small. Can't find what is the reason? Does anyone know thanks? Robert
  9. Hi, well I think I may have worked it out. What I'm looking at is the Master Page, with the margins set to what the printer thinks is the A5 page margins. Otherwise I can set the margins to 0 all around. So, when I created the master page and Placed the text and then let it flow, I must have set the Master Page that way. Now why it's reading the Printer margins I don't know because I have three different printers here, and for some reason, it's arbitrarily chosen just one of them. Or not... because I don't know yet why it's choosing a printer at all. I see I can, of course, set the margins to Custom sizes. However, when I set View -> Show Margins ... Nothing changes. Nothing displays. I don't see the margins being displayed or not if I uncheck that option. Show Guides doesn't appear to do anything either?
  10. Hi, when I set it up, I made it A5. I see what you are saying, but am unable to locate the Layout as opposed to the Master size setting yet ... thanks
  11. Publisher looks nice, but without the ability to import various common file types, at least txt, docx, pdf and whatever other common file types writers use, so that one can then format and publish the resulting document it remains seriously lacking as a contender. The fact that it can not export files in any of the common book formats either is a serious flaw at this stage. I’m using the beta, and can’t yet find a serious need for this package as it has no interactivity with other apps. but maybe I’m missing something here? Sorry. Found it. But Place? Well,really. I take it back... I just found it. Open a new blank A4 page, and go to Files, select Place and up comes a Finder. You can then put nearly anything on the page. Including pdf. To save it, go to Export, and it gives you a wide range of formats. Interesting
  12. HarryMcGovern

    Are you updating the iPad compatibility list?

    It should do. I’ve used a non Apple pen sometimes on my 4 quite successfully. The 5 being built for it, should do a nice job.
  13. Given that there is a whole new generation of iPads out now - since 2017... including a newly engined iPad mini, I'm kind of hoping that you will be able to run up Affinity Photo on some of the new iPads.
  14. HarryMcGovern

    Are you updating the iPad compatibility list?

    I currently use my iPad mini 4 for Lightroom, and editing with the Lite version of Photoshop, and a number of other photo/image editing apps to get the job done. I also do some video and use the iPad to create intros and the like. So in short I use it A LOT... for finer detailed photo work and movies I then revert to the desktop of course. But for out and about work, the iPad mini I use can’t be beat. It’s light weight. Fast. Small enough to fit comfortably into my man-bag! It’s been driving me nuts that Affinity Photo doesn’t run on it. But it seems that now it does on the 5. So it’s upgrade time. I was looking at the bigger iPads and they are nice, and I’d love one, but just don’t have that compactness I want. The mini slips into my trousers pocket when I need to, whereas the others don’t. I’d never buy a laptop again! Go to an Apple store and try them out...
  15. I’m looking at buying a 2018 iPad 9.7-inch Retina. Is it ok for Affinity Photo? Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Wi-Fi (5th generation), and iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (5th generation)." apple specs Silver, space grey and gold 9.7‑inch Retina display Touch ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay A10 Fusion chip 8MP camera with HDR and 1080p HD video 1.2MP FaceTime HD front camera with HDR Compatible with Apple Pencil Compatible with Bluetooth keyboards Lightning connector
  16. Dam. I need this to work on my iPad mini!
  17. HarryMcGovern

    Needed to work on iPad mini

    oh well. Sigh... Nice response though. I initially put that first question on the App Feedback page for the Appstore.
  18. I just purchased the app store version, but now discover that it won't work on my iPad Mini. Darn it. I'll keep it and not get a refund because I'm upgrading soon to a 9.7" iPad, lets hope that works... but seriously, why not for the iPad Mini. The developers could surely have it run on the Mini as well as the others?
  19. An old question, but a good one. Is there an answer?
  20. I’m looking at moving away from Adobe, but one thing I use a LOT is the sync between devices and the desktop, across the cloud. is this ability native to Affinity? thanks