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  1. somogyiandras

    Right mouse key

    I tried to make a screenshot but with opened menu doesn't work. In that menu there are file operations and other useful and common thinks.
  2. somogyiandras


    The old Topaz Labs plugins and the AI series work well. I think you can ad the Working flag in the database. Not all Nik collection plugins work I will test them. The Skylum was very nice but I'm afraid it's will just an empty promise.
  3. Hi, @VanHeber, For me too. I have a similar problem with the SVG files. I have installed an SVG thumbnailer. Works well excepted in the OneDrive folders but I have installed a CorelDraw and their thumbnailer works correctly everywhere. Bye, Andrew
  4. somogyiandras


    I sent a message to the Skylum. Maybe in the future they will support the Affinity Photo officialy.
  5. somogyiandras


    In the old version these plugins were ok: Topaz labs: All that I have Skylum: Luminar, Luminar Flex, Aurora HDR, Photolemur, Airmagic Eyeq (Athentec): Perfectly clear In the new version just the Topaz labs plugins are correct.
  6. Dear Affinity team, Please use the right mouse key. For example like in the GIMP.
  7. somogyiandras


    Thank you! Works well.
  8. somogyiandras


    I have afmacros but I coludn't import them. The Photo is needed afmacro. I renamed them to .afmacro from .afmacros but no work.
  9. somogyiandras

    Bending object along path

    Thank you! It's not good for me. Almost all times I use only vectors in a vector editor. I'm afraid I won't uninstall the Inkscape.
  10. somogyiandras

    Bending object along path

    Can I use a simple vector object like a brush?
  11. somogyiandras

    Bending object along path

    Thank you! I'm sad because it's a cool feature.
  12. I have experience with the Inkscape I can do it easily but I don't know how can I do it in the Affinity Designer. Thank you for your help!