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  1. suzylavor

    Duplicating group of items makes one "disappear"

    Hi Walt, thanks for your help. I tried to use Copy and Paste, but as recorded on second video, it creates weird things too, like changing the mermaid's blush color. It's really odd.
  2. suzylavor

    Duplicating group of items makes one "disappear"

    Hello, Sorry to bother you again guys...just trying to provide you more clues to this error... This time inside symbols, duplicating items keep doing all kinds of crazy things. Same disappearing problem and even changing items colors I do use symbols a lot for making seamless patterns, it's fantastic by the way. But now I just can't use it at all. Attached the file that I'm working with. Thanks again! Suzy. another-error-inside-symbols.mov seamless-pattern.afdesign
  3. suzylavor

    Duplicating group of items makes one "disappear"

    Sure! Here it is... Thank you, Suzy affinity-designer-bug.afdesign
  4. Hello, first of all I'm a HUGE fan of Affinity Designer, you guys are awesome :) I have Ipad and Mac versions and this bug happens in both of them. I make a lot of seamless patterns and this bug is affecting my work real bad. I made a quick video to show you how the bug occurs and is very easy to duplicate the error, in my iMac and iPad pro this happens all the time. When selecting groups of objects and using the Cmd+J duplicate command, after positioning the duplicate objects, one of the original just "disappears" from the screen, but when you look at the layers panel the object is there, but when clicking the object through the layers panel, the selection box is far away from the object. I just tried to use symbols for making seamless patterns and this bug makes it impossible to use. My object in this video is a group of two pixels layers, but just tested with vector layers and happens the same thing. I hope is some easy fix :) Thanks a lot! Suzy affinity-designer-bug.mov