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  1. Thank you John. That worked brilliantly! I was working with a non-live, grouped stack, but after I ungrouped and re-grouped as a live stack, I got it.
  2. My apologies if this is answered elsewhere-- I can't find it and I've looked for half an hour. Running Affinity Photo on Win10. I want to use seven exposures of the blood moon as it moved toward totality and stack them so that each moon exposure shows. Thus it will end up looking like seven different moons in sequence. However, the camera was moved slightly with each exposure, so I need to manually align each exposure in the stack and then do something to make each moon exposure show through the stack. I've tried creating a stack without the images aligned. I'm able to manually move each one after ungrouping them, but can't find any blend mode that lets each moon show through the black sky of the other exposures. Any help is appreciated. Please ask any clarification questions as needed. Thanks!