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  1. Interesting. The error does not show up when I preview. Only in the actual print. Everything prints fine if I rasterize, just a drag on my workflow. Hope this gets fixed, soon. Thanks!
  2. Happens occasionally. Seemingly at random. This is how a 1 pt stroke prints. Using latest verion of Designer on Windows 10. Vector file attached. print error.afdesign
  3. Thank you for your response. I have had no problem with printing "dyes", meaning colored inks. Rather the issue is with keeping layers of "die lines" separated. The words sound the same in English, but have totally different meanings. Die lines are lines that indicated how steel plates should be bent and inserted into wooden panels, which will be used by a machine to stamp out and score paper or cardboard. My files need to indicate where they will fall on a printed page. A simple set of dies looks like this:
  4. I've been using Affinity Designer and really enjoyed it. The problem is that I am unable to create usable files. The kind of work that I do requires a layer of grouped die lines to be placed over a layer of art. The manufacturers I work with need to be able to rearrange the dies and corresponding artwork. The manufacturers all use Illustrator. When I export files as .PDF or .EPS, they open in Illustrator with every piece grouped together, in a single layer, within a clipping path. I can't submit files like that. SVG's preserve the layer structure, within another layer, but the dimensions
  5. I've noticed this as well. When I change tools to the zoom tool, for example, the contour disappears, then reappears once I go back to the move tool. Happens sporadically.
  6. I've just been saving as PDF's and opening in Silhouette studio, which has a select by color. I've found the programs work pretty well together.
  7. Thanks Gabe. I had rasterized just the layer containing the gradients and it printed fine.
  8. Other times, gradients have printed fine for me.
  9. Are you using the latest version? Yes Can you reproduce it? Yes. Every time I try to print this file. If I cut and paste pieces into a new file, the errors still print. Does it happen for a new document? If not do you have a document you can share that shows the problem? attached If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include some the following: What application (Designer/Photo/Publisher) are you using? Designer What is your operating system and version (Windows 10, OSX
  10. I went back into the file and rasterized the gradient layers. Everything printed perfectly.
  11. Thanks. This is part of a job I'm getting offset printed, so I need to get it right. I guess I can convert some of the objects to placed images. Hope they can fix this. I tried exporting as a .pdf. That printed with more, different, errors.
  12. Hi, I created this image in Affinity Designer on PC. Screenshot below: But when I print it, the mask layer and gradients are distorted: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Sam
  13. I'm Sam. I design pop-up books, paper toys, that type of thing. We call ourselves paper engineers. It's a small field. We need to make very elaborate die lines, usually with placed art. I'm trying to do this in Designer. Working out pretty well, so far. Still adjusting.
  14. You should be able to create guides with any tool selected, at least any drawing tool. Not just the move tool.
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