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  1. Hello Matt, Any news about this iOS version that you could share? Thanks!
  2. *unrelated post* @ronnyb how do you make your system specs to show up everytime you post? like this _______________________________ 2011 MacBook Pro8,2; Intel Core i7 @ 2.2 GHz 4 cores, 16 GB RAM, 240 GB SSD Boot Disk + 750 GB HDD in optical bay
  3. well, they created it.... they can do whatever they like really :D but they are good people, they listen to their customers constantly, that's what i hear. I know this app is in good hands!! :lol: @MattP any comments about releasing a dedicated AD app for iPhone as well?? :huh: just wondering
  4. how about using the iPad as a second screen using Duet Displays? I plan to test it out once I purchase both :P I would separate the program into windows and place some of those small windows onto the iPad screen, because I too use a laptop to design
  5. Awesome! I never wanted my iPad to collect dust, so this is definitely the last feature that I needed to know for my decision: iDraw or Affinity Designer? I have been following AD for over a month and I fell in love with it, with the beautiful and friendly interface yet so powerful! I will definitely buy it by next week! I just hope that the app will run okay on iPad Air (2013), judging by the similar specs of the Air and Air 2 (shown in the teaser) it should be alright can't wait!
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