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  1. Hi, I'm happy to see that the alpha channel control in the curves tool works better now. However, shouldn't it work whether or not it is located above the bitmap vs nested within the bitmap? It seems that when nested it has no influence on the graphic. Thanks
  2. Actually, it still doesn't work the way that I expected. I was under the impression that raising the low end of the alpha curve would allow any virtually invisible pixel would show up. Instead it just brightens the rgb values. Right?
  3. Im not a professional, but have spent several months on AP. What seens to work best for me is to find a way to break the project down into separate files, do a merge-visible and assemble the merged images into a final version.
  4. So, I've had similar issues with lag and occasional crash using some of the simplest tools. But I figured out that it seems to happen on layers that have been resized, and if I rasterize the layer it works better.
  5. I'm not sure if this question is answerable, but I'm trying to get a sense of when I'm reaching the memory/complexity limits of editing an AP file on my ipad. I have a 2nd gen 12.9" model with 64gb drive(only 17gb available)/4gb ram. I'm working on a 422mb file that is 5000x5000 8 bit resolution and at least 100 layers. I just started having troubles with the program crashing and I'm not sure if it's a bug that I can address or I'm just reaching the limits of what I can do on this system. So my main question is: Is there an idea of how much ram or disk space I should have available to work on a file of a certain size? I have to do more troubleshooting, but wanted to see if anyone has any ideas around this. Associated with this question is how much overhead does it take to use certain features in AP? For instance: - Does grouping small layers of bitmaps add to the file size/computational complexity much? Or should I just rasterize/flatten into larger bitmaps more often? - Using certain adjustments versus rasterizing those into the pixel layers? I know that using live filters takes more overhead. - Does the number of files loaded onto the home menu influence the editing of a single open file? I noticed that they open pretty quickly from the home screen versus opening the file directly from another location. So, I'm assuming that anything on the home screen is also loaded into memory to some degree. I'm not going to be able to upgrade for a while, so need to make the best optimal use of what I have. Thanks
  6. rpaul

    reaching iPad limits?

    I still would like to know what resources are taken up when keeping documents loaded in the main menu. Do they take up RAM? Are they stored as some kind of virtual memory?
  7. I figured. Thanks.
  8. So, I'm just wondering if its a more efficient use of computer resources to create separate smaller AP files and embed them into a into a master file. I was hoping to find some kind of option where files could be 'linked" and therefore reducing file sizes. But I'd like to know if embedding has advantages other than organizational. Thanks for any feedback.
  9. rpaul

    reaching iPad limits?

    Thank you Callum. I will see if I can find something reproducible. I did realize finally that I wasn't clearing the history which makes a BIG difference in file size. It would be good to have a better understanding of how some of the actions, which may be simple to use, have an impact on computer resources. I guess a lot of them are standard algorithms which I can research somewhere. Not sure how much I care yet. I just see that the more sophisticated I get with CG, the more my file sizes balloon and computer bogs down. So, I would think some understanding of this would help me parse my workflow.
  10. Has hiding the selection line been asked about before? I used this a lot in PS and it was very helpful when tweaking/aligning the image portion to see behind the marching ants. Also, even though I'm impressed with the image adjustment tools, some buttons for moving a single pixel at a time would be useful as well. Thanks
  11. I'm thinking it would be nice if there were more instances of the message: "Do you want to commit these changes",before one can move on, as there is for transitioning from some of the other personas. I tend to make the same repetative mistake of not pushing the check.
  12. rpaul

    Alpha channel and curves

    Cool, thanks
  13. So, It appeares that I should be able manipulate the alpha channel of a bitmap layer in curves, adjusting the opacity. And I was able to adjust an image with the alpha set to fully opaque 255 downwards to make it more transparent, however, I wasn't able to increase the opacity of an image with a translucent alpha channel. Is there a reason for this? or am I doing it wrong? Thanks
  14. rpaul

    Alpha channel and curves

    Thanks for getting back to me Dan, So I uploaded three images of an AP file with two bitmapped sample layers and also the curves adjustment control showing three states. For the top layer I just selected the area outside of an oval and made the alpha channel (and text) more transparent. The center of the top layer text is still opaque. The first image shows the default state. The second image shows it when the slope is lowered to almost zero. The third image shows what happens when you raise the bottom end of the slope up close to maximum. My point here is that image 1 and 3 show no difference. What I've seen in other software is is that by raising the lower end of the curves upwards, the text outside the oval should become more opaque. I should also note that editing the center of the curves control doesn't seem to affect the image in a way that I would expect. Since I started this topic, I discovered another way to influence the alpha channel. So my life doesn't hang on solving this issue. Thanks.
  15. rpaul

    Copy/Paste merged?

    Please see this.
  16. rpaul

    Copy Merge

    So, I just learned about an option in AP that is basically the 'copy merge' function when reading about something else here. When 'merge visible' is used it does not destroy the layers that it merges. It just creates a new layer of all the merged ones. That's basically all I wanted.
  17. I think I posted this previously in the wrong section (Feature Requests & Feedback), since I thought it might have been a feature request. But I also had an associated question. I've enjoyed using AP (ipad version) for a couple months now and a question keeps coming up which is: What is the story behind the missing "copy merged" option? I think I read that it is in the Windows and/or Mac version. I couldn't find much else about it in your support forums so maybe its just not that popular a feature. Or maybe it is called something else. I was just surprised at how much I missed having this option myself. I know that there are other ways to acheive the same result that take multiple steps. I'm just curious if it's in the next version. Thank you.
  18. Is there any easy way to verifying where a file that I'm currently working on is located? I had set up a local directory on my ipad for my working files and thought that I was consistently using 'open' rather than 'import' so that the program would update those files in my specified location. I would then regularly hit the 'save' menu item in the program, assuming that it was updating the target files. This evening I found out too late that the the updated file location somehow shifted to an internal application location, because after 'closing' the file from the home screen and then later reopening the file it did not contain several hours of recent work that I had put into it. So now, if I want to continue using the photo app I need to be able to verify that I'm updating the right files.
  19. Thanks for the assistance, all of you.
  20. Thanks for this, DM1. I'll give your process a try. I don't really understand the limitations imposed by the sandboxing but It seems like they could have some kind of indicator on the project screen icons that tells us if a file is stored internally and subject to deletion.
  21. Paul, I often used the 'save' option in the Document menu, which I assume was the same as the save option on the home screen. In any case, I think that I saved my file to my designated directory, then closed it in the home screen. Then later, I accidentally or ignorantly hit 'import' instead of 'open' to do some more work. Then, assuming that I was working on my designated file, kept launching from the home menu icon and saving after doing more work. So, when I wanted to do some file management, I again closed all my home screen icons just to clear things out, later realizing that my supposed working file had an old modified date and that I had indeed lost many hours of work. So, isn't it true that once you close a file that is saved internally it just gets deleted even if you have it backing up to the iCloud? I thought I read that somewhere. I checked the directories you mentioned, Paul. Just wondering if this is a scenario that plays out for other users. I will, of course be more conscious of how I open and save and will check the modified date of the file.
  22. Thank you for the quick reply. So, my initial question wasn't quite answered. Is there no way within AP itself where you can see the path of the file that one is working on? Is this the responsibility of the iOS file system? In Windows, when I wanted to verify where my current working file was located I would open up 'save as' and at the top of the dialog window it would list the current path of the file. And this was fairly standard throughout windows applications, which suggests that it is a part of the Windows file system's interface. I get that iOS wants to make actual paths more mysterious, which means that the app developer's have to jump through more hoops to make the process useful and intuitive. The issue that happened to me, which I take responsibility for, was that I did something out of ignorance to cause my working file to shift from a location that I had specified outside of the app, to the default internal location. And thinking that I was updating to my external location I 'closed' what I thought was a reference to the external file, but it was a reference to an internal file that gets deleted when it is closed. I got the standard warning that I could lose data, but I had hit 'save' from the top menu, so I thought it was saved. This seems like a design issue too. I love this app, but I'm just a former art student that wants to stay in his right brain as much as possible. Issues like this make me less creative.
  23. I've enjoyed using AP (ipad version) for a couple months now and a question keeps coming up which is: What is the story behind the missing "copy merged" option? I think I read that it is in the Windows and/or Mac version. I couldn't find much else about it in your support forums so maybe its just not that popular a feature. Or maybe it is called something else. I was just surprised at how much I missed having this option myself. I know that there are other ways to acheive the same result that take multiple steps. I'm just curious if it's in the next version. Thank you.
  24. rpaul

    Not all strokes expand?

    Am I correct in assuming that this has only to do with Designer and not Photo? That AP's vector tools can only display the one vector brush?
  25. (Are you using the latest version?) Affinity Photo Running on iPad pro, 2017 model, 11" ios 12.1.4 I've been working with/learning AP for the past month. (Can you reproduce it?) Not really. Seems to happen intermittently (Does it happen for a new document? If not do you have a document you can share that shows the problem?) It is a .psd file over 250 mb, which may be part of the problem. Will upload if you think its worth doing. (If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include some the following:) I've been saving back to a .psd file so that I can open it on a different platform. I noticed that processing in Photo slows down/hangs/crashes more often once I've surpassed 250mb file size whether saving to .psd or the .af... default format. I also import .psd files saved from Procreate. I've used only the options that have proven to be translatable to .psd, i.e., groups, masks, inks, adj layers (but not filter layers). This last time, when I opened my current document it was missing a lot of mask data. There are still references to them in the layers studio, although those layers come up as 'pixel' instead of 'mask' and are empty. So, i just see a lot of unmasked images. I've been saving locally and then back up to a network drive, but i'm out of town, so probably lost a day's worth of work. I'll try to open the file in another application when I get home, also start backing up to iCloud like I'm supposed to:)

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