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  1. When I reopen a document, it doesn’t remember that I want the grid to show. Is there a way to make it always show the grid? is snap to grid only for object drawing and not for when objects are moved?
  2. Gabe - my fault - I didn’t know how to delete this post. I belatedly realized that when I set up the document that what I thought was 2048 pixels @ 300 dpi was points that ballooned to 8k+ in pixels when I tried to export it. Once the file size was made smaller, both problems went away. I did send in a suggestion that we be able to designate new document sizes in pixels instead of points. I only know how to think in pixels, even when designing for print.
  3. That would drive me crazy! 3D doesn’t have a checkbox - adding one would be easier to get used to.
  4. It’s very confusing that when you create a new document, the measurement is in points, yet when you export it, it’s in pixels. I would much prefer if create was in pixels too - creating images for the screen or for print. It gets really bad when exporting images with a higher dpi, the pixel size the system provides is about 4x the size in pixels I really want.
  5. it's sort of strange. That only works if I use the layer list to select another object. If I just click on another objec after clicking on the fx panel, the effects go away. Thanks for the info - now I have a work-around.
  6. Half the time when I set layer effects (usually 3D or outside shadow), they don’t stick. I click on on another object, and the effect I just set up goes away. The other half the time it sticks. Is there a trick to make it always stick?
  7. I’ve had 2 problems when exporting. On 2018 iPad Pro - No mattter what format I choose - png, jpg, psd - the system hangs. Takes forever. on 2017 iPP - the “share” button finally lights up, but when I chose to save it to photos instead of a file, system crashes and picture is not saved. Save to files does work.
  8. I tend to use the same size & dpi settings for all images. It would be great if I could save these settings so I don’t have to type them in each time.

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