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  1. FrankOverIP

    [Designer] Change default unit

    Hi Dan, Thanks for your response - found it I think I could have searched for the rest of the day before finding this...
  2. Is there any way to change the default unit in Affinity Designer on iPad? Usually I don‘t work with points and it makes me crazy to always change the unit before changing a value...
  3. Thanks for your fast response! So, I will rotate my head instead until there is a fix available ;) Never mind, you guys did a terrific job so far! Keep up the excellent work! Frank
  4. When I import a RAW file to develop persona the orientation is ignored. I found out that the crop tool is able to rotate the image but it also crops the image to the canvas size - I guess this is not the intended way to simply rotate an image. But how can I rotate an image in develop persona? Thanks for your help, Frank