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Embedded images might destroy original files

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I just destroyed one of my original images on disk due to a very nasty behaviour of the German Affinity Publisher (Windows). This might be by design, though, but it is very dangerous, so I consider it a serious bug, whether or not the programmers think so or not. In the attached video, Publisher is in front, and my file manager in the background:

  1. Load a bitmap image and place it (0:00-0:11). Fine.
  2. With the resource manager, embed the image (0:11-0:22). Fine.
  3. Edit this picture (0:22-0:28). It is wonderful that this is now possible (I was hoping for this function, and now it's available). The picture opens in a separate tab. Fine.
  4. In order to change the image's pixels, change to Photo Persona and draw stuff (0:28-0:38). Fine.
  5. Now close the image tab. A question pops up asking whether or not I want to save changes. Of course I want to do this, because it's an embedded image, so nothing bad can happen (0:38-0:45). Fine.
  6. Unfortunately, now everything is completely screwed up (0:45-0:55): The embedded image is not changed in any way, but stays as it was before the editing. Instead, the original image on disk was changed (as shown in the file manager). Another editing of the picture can not be done anymore, because the Edit button is hidden now. Ooops!

I can perfectly understand this behaviour in the case of a linked image. But this image was embedded, and editing this should only edit the embedded image, and not the original on disk. I suggest the following:

  1. At least change the warning text: Currently, it reads Do you want to save changes?, which is definitely not enough. It should read Do you want to save changes to the original file on disk?
  2. Make this changed message only appear for linked files. In the case of embedded files, ask the question Do you want to save changes to the embedded image?, only work with the embedded copy, and do not change the original.

Andreas Weidner

PS: Fortunately, the destroyed original was not an important file, so no real harm was done. But it could have been...

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The edit button should be removed once the image is converted to embedded. I've logged that issue, thanks for the report

Living the Dream since 1964 - about 25 years left

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Please don't remove that button - that's exactly the wrong direction! It would simply be wonderful to decently be able to edit embedded files (PagePlus could do this).

Andreas Weidner

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