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Designer keeps crashing and freezing

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Firstly choose the correct Bugs forum, according to the application you are using (Designer/Photo/Publisher), and the Operating System you are using. In that forum state the following

Hello there, I am now using the latest version of Designer and it remains sluggish and my tools keep crashing. 

  1. Can you reproduce it? Yes, It might have happened at least 6 to 7 times in the last hour.
  2. Does it happen for a new document? If not do you have a document you can share that shows the problem? Yes, a new document where I am trying to make a vector portrait. 
  3.    What is your operating system and version (Windows 10, OSX Mojave, iOS 12 etc)? Windows 10 x64bit. I am using a Cintiq 13ux.
  •    What happened for you (and what you expected to happen)   Whether it's with the vector shape tool or the brushes, it stops responding after a while. 

Here's a clip of what keeps happening. I have the feeling it has something to do with rotating my canvas, but I am uncertain about this.

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Hi MusingLounge,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums! Thanks for getting in contact with us.

Do you find that the software freezes or that the tools feel like they're not responding. When the software is in this state do you find that if you try to use the Vector Brush Tool it will only draw straight lines?

There is currently a known issue that can occur when you change focus to a different application and then click back into the Designer UI area (not the document area). It is easiest to see when using the Vector Brush Tool, as it will only begin to draw straight lines. If you look at the video in this post this will show an example of this, all other tools will feel like they've stopped working such as the Panning and Move Tool.

If this is the case for you then you can disable 'Use Windows' Ink within the Wacom Tablet's properties (I believe it is the Mapping or Calibrate tab). This should allow you to work with a tablet device without running into the issue. Please let us know if this works for you!


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