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Durham Mug How to design a box

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Hi to forum members...............  I have managed to get an idea from a trial mug to actuality of a small pilot production run for public assessment.......... I did this despite my grey cells at the age of 72 depreciating at a rapid rate of knots.  Now I have come up with a stumbling block because these Durham mugs need packing in a safe carton and to have this carton be used as a display on the shelves of the Sir Nigel Gresley Trust sales department.  Can anyone help me to locate a template that can be imported into designer so I can place text and images on the template to send out to a packaging company for die stamping out of durable carton packaging material.............. Sir Nigel Gresley (The Locomotive) is currently in bits and pieces on the workshop floor of the National Railway Museum in York.  The mug image below was taken on the 19th September 2015 at Grosmont Station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway line.  A day later SNG was withdrawn from service for a refurbishment and new boiler safety certificate.  SNG should steam again in 2020.  https://vimeo.com/user57039819/sir-nigel-gresley-steam-locomotive   Any help or recommendations would be gratefully received.  Thanking forum members in advance for reading the above.  John Edwin Skelton in exile.


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Hi, The mug printing company supplied the file uploaded below.  But how can this file be converted or re-drawn easily in designer so that I can patch in text and images in the correct orientation. Then I should be able to send a file to to the mug printing company to get a box printed and stamped out by the die cutter.

Sorry to be such a dumbo.  But when I went to school in the 1960's we only dreamed of computers and maths calculators while reading Dan Dare comics.  Regards Edwin John Skelton  Post Script..........  I am prepared to pay for a resolution within reasonable limits of my old age pension.

Full Colour Printed Pres Box-cut-out-1_2.jpg

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Hi Dutschader,  Oh boy my grey cells are definitely depreciating.   I imported the above full pdf into Designer and slowly (very slowly) the penny started to drop..........  I found out that there are individual layers for each of the page file elements in the pdf...............

I then realised that I could place files into the individual (what I am terming space cells).............   Now I can start thinking about how to makes something nice and present SNGL as the quality piece of A4 class steam locomotive it is  ...............  Thanks for making me think laterally............... My first experience with a computer was in about 1984 or thereabouts when I bought an Amstrad PCW from Alan Sugar.  This ran on CPM and also stretched my brain cells to understand this operating system.

link below shows the city where I now live in exile from my home city of York................

https://www.pictorem.com/191183/Banska Bystrica visual panorama Main Square.html


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