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  1. Hi Loukash, There is always more than one way to skin the cat........... I have definitely been making a mess up in the past with my drop shadow work. is there a link to your video so I don't have to og in to the forum group every time I need to refresh my grey cells on the settings and procedure. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. Best regards John Edwin in Banska Bystrica Slovakia.
  2. High Loukash, Thanks for the video. I will re-try this mechanism. I did not have much success when I tried it in the past, but my settings were probably in a mess. Best regards John Edwin in exile in Slovakia.
  3. Hi to the forum members, Can anyone tell me if there is a way of generating shadows below objects easily. I would willingly pay a reasonable figure for such a tool if it exists. If a forum member could develop something I would greatly appreciate it as my grey cells need all the help they can get (73 years old and born before there were even any pocket calculators on planet earth)
  4. No the BETA programme does not have the same instant crash problem. However as affinity is aware the latest beta has other issues. I will try to get a new set of graphic drivers sorted out. There are no pending Windows 10 updates. Non of the problem apps on the list are installed on my system You can see from my image that I am somewhat long in the tooth. Actually my hair is now not just grey it is snowy white. Therefore I went to school before there was even a simple pocket calculator. So it takes some effort for me to activate my dwindling grey cells. Will do my best to trace any crash reports. Regards John Edwin in exile in the Slovak Republic.
  5. Hi Patrick, I understand that the two accounts are a pain in the proverbial. I don't know how this actually happened but to merge into one account (preferably @KitKat1947) would be the best logistically for me. Can you do this work for me ??? If so please go ahead. Thanks in advance for reading the above. Regards, John Skelton
  6. I would use the non beta version if I could but my non beta version crashes every time I try to run the programme. I reported that issue many months ago................... Never got a satisfactory reply to my post. John Skelton
  7. Urgent........... I have just installed the latest version of affinity photo beta on my system. In the past there has been not issues when a new beta programme has been updated. This time there is a major issue. When the crop tool is opened and adjusted on a photo and then the apply button is used. Affinity Photo just crashes. This is a ridiculous situation to be in. The crop tool must be one of the most used tools in affinity photo. How is this going to be solved please and how long is going to take. This post is more than urgent. Regards John Skelton
  8. Hi to Forum members, I have just upgraded to the latest version of Affinity Photo running on windows 10. Legal version !!. Affinity Designer runs OK on start up, Publisher runs OK on start up, Affinity Photo Beta runs on start up but the latest version behaves just the like the previous version does. The programme starts to load, gets as far as the main photo screen is starting to display and then simply crashes. I have uploaded a screen recorder shot to show this stupid situation. How can anyone recommend Affinity on to other friends when this problem is manifesting itself and so far Affinity has not been able to come up with a mechanism in a step by step way using perhaps a recorded video posted on Vimeo or YouTube. Or maybe they have done so. As a 72 and half year old computer illiterate it would be nice to have some step by step guidance to resolve the issue. In the past Affinity Photo worked on my system. The situation started to manifest itself after a recent forced windows 10 upgrade. But why is only Affinity Photo affected and the other Affinity programmes start up as normal after the Windows 10 upgrades........ Yours baffled and frustrated. Any help appreciated. Best regards John Edwin in Exile and lockdown in the Slovak Republic................ first-attempt-affin-photo-fail-1.mp4
  9. Hi to forum members, I have tried every tactic so far recommended to get Affinity Photo to start correctly............ It is still crashing on start up. Publisher works, Designer works, but not Affinity Photo. Affinity photo beta works........... I am about to give up and start to work with another photo editor................ Affinity Photo did work, then it stopped loading, I managed to load a later version of Affinity Photo and got it working again............ Now it is not loading after the start up logo screen has displayed.................. Seriously Affinity has to get to the bottom of such inconsistent software behaviour.......... It is only Affinity Photo that is knackered up.................. Yours most frustrated I have to say. John Edwin in Slovakia in lock-down without even a beer to console myself with I can only look at my images of yesterday
  10. Hi Affinity, I am struggling with instability of start up after a windows 10 update has knackered the start up of Affinity Photo version . This is the third time that Affinity Photo has become unstable in the past two weeks. I have managed to get the latest beta version installed of Affinity Photo with version number 1.8.1611 (Beta). Seriously Affinity needs to get this issue resolved............. and rapidly. Currently version starts to load, gets as far as the main programme window opening and then suddenly crashes !!!! Cyberlink photo software is running without such idiosyncrasies. Affinity will loose their reputation rapidly............... Sorry but this is a true statement. Await some solution ASAP best regards John Edwin Skelton in exile in Slovakia.
  11. Hi to forum members, Is there a default setting that can be ' tick boxed ' to be on as a new image is opened or does the Save History have to be set to on every time a new image is opened for processing???? Await forum members thoughts please. John Edwin Skelton
  12. Hi Dutschader, Oh boy my grey cells are definitely depreciating. I imported the above full pdf into Designer and slowly (very slowly) the penny started to drop.......... I found out that there are individual layers for each of the page file elements in the pdf............... I then realised that I could place files into the individual (what I am terming space cells)............. Now I can start thinking about how to makes something nice and present SNGL as the quality piece of A4 class steam locomotive it is ............... Thanks for making me think laterally............... My first experience with a computer was in about 1984 or thereabouts when I bought an Amstrad PCW from Alan Sugar. This ran on CPM and also stretched my brain cells to understand this operating system. link below shows the city where I now live in exile from my home city of York................ https://www.pictorem.com/191183/Banska Bystrica visual panorama Main Square.html
  13. Hi Dutchshader, Attached below is the original file sent to me by the Mug Printing company.............. I was think that the files should just import into designer or publisher and the boxes would present editable files. Full Colour Printed Presentation Box.pdf
  14. Hi, The mug printing company supplied the file uploaded below. But how can this file be converted or re-drawn easily in designer so that I can patch in text and images in the correct orientation. Then I should be able to send a file to to the mug printing company to get a box printed and stamped out by the die cutter. Sorry to be such a dumbo. But when I went to school in the 1960's we only dreamed of computers and maths calculators while reading Dan Dare comics. Regards Edwin John Skelton Post Script.......... I am prepared to pay for a resolution within reasonable limits of my old age pension.
  15. Hi to forum members............... I have managed to get an idea from a trial mug to actuality of a small pilot production run for public assessment.......... I did this despite my grey cells at the age of 72 depreciating at a rapid rate of knots. Now I have come up with a stumbling block because these Durham mugs need packing in a safe carton and to have this carton be used as a display on the shelves of the Sir Nigel Gresley Trust sales department. Can anyone help me to locate a template that can be imported into designer so I can place text and images on the template to send out to a packaging company for die stamping out of durable carton packaging material.............. Sir Nigel Gresley (The Locomotive) is currently in bits and pieces on the workshop floor of the National Railway Museum in York. The mug image below was taken on the 19th September 2015 at Grosmont Station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway line. A day later SNG was withdrawn from service for a refurbishment and new boiler safety certificate. SNG should steam again in 2020. https://vimeo.com/user57039819/sir-nigel-gresley-steam-locomotive Any help or recommendations would be gratefully received. Thanking forum members in advance for reading the above. John Edwin Skelton in exile.
  16. Hi to forum members, Perhaps my idea has been posted before. It is just that an idea from my experience as a bumbling computer amateur aged 72 with dreams of making things easier for my rapidly decaying grey cells. Is there any way that Affinity could develop up ' ULTRA POWER TOOL TIPS ' That could be purchased as ' ADD ONS ' to the Affinity family. I have problems with two areas at the moment. 1/ Fine hair, not just on pretty ladies but on miniature dogs as per the image added below. Nelly was photographed against a grey background and then placed on a grass background. You can clearly see my problem in the very fine silky hair around her face. 2/ The production of realistic shadows after cutting out an object. There is a youtube video which helps on this topic but as my patience and ability to remember a series of operations is depreciating as my age increases, surely some algorithm can be developed as an expanding shadow tool tip. Seriously I would pay a reasonable figure for such ' Ultra Power Tool Tips '. Anybody out their on the forum with similar depreciating mental capacity........... When I went to school there was not even a pocket calculator to use, never mind a computer keyboard. Thanks for reading the above. John Edwin Skelton in exiles in Slovakia.
  17. Radegast is a Czech beer. This is a very hoppy IPA brew on tap in my local Pizza restaurant, only in February at Euro 1.60 for a 400 ml glass. The pictures were snapped very quickly on my Samsung S8. So they are not the best pictures but I want to try to persuade the landlord to make some table stand up cards to promote this rather tasty brew............
  18. Hi to Firstdefence and Carl 123, Your information was spot on................ I had missed the information or the point was not highlighted about the two types of brushes when I had been watching a video (not created by Affinity). Your help is really appreciated. I am sorry that I can't offer you both a beer (see attached jpeg). However if you are ever in Slovakia, please don't hesitate in contacting me in Banska Bystrica (Central Slovakia).
  19. Hi to forum members, This 71 year old computer illiterate has run into a stumbling block which with my decaying grey cells, I don't seem to find an answer. I have managed to create a new brush as my signature from a png file. But I can't see how to make the brush remember, as a default setting, the colour of this signature. Every time I open the signature brush it has defaulted to Black & White again. Could anyone point me in the right direction please. Thanks in advance for reading the above. John Edwin Skelton in exile in the Slovak Republic.
  20. Hi Gabriel, Thanks for your reply to my query ref business card templates. I will look at the Business Card Tutorial that you have recommended. I have come up with a sort of ' John Edwin ' solution. What I have done is to use the picture frame tool in Publisher. I measured my existing business cards and made a frame to that size. Then I copied the picture frame 8 times to fit on an A4 portrait page. Managed to get the frames to line up. Then I imported to each frame my jpeg files which I had previously created (and really struggled to get lined up on an A4 page). See jpeg below. The jpeg images did not snap directly into the space created by the picture frame tool. This must be because I don't have a parameter set correctly. I had been looking at the videos for Affinity Publisher and discovered the picture frame tool video. These videos are really useful for Dumbo software users like me. Thanks again for your prompt reply. Best regards John Edwin in exile in the Slovak Republic business-cards-biscuits-1.afpub
  21. Hi to Affinity Publisher forum members, Pleas can anyone help a dumbo like me. I want to make a new business card and wondered if there was a template that I could import into Affinity Publisher. I just want a page layout with blank card spaces. Despite training as a printer (more than 50 years ago) I was never a compositor setting type. So grasping the new systems is not that easy for me. Any help or advice would be most gratefully received. Regards John Edwin Skelton. PS note for Affinity Developers. I would buy a templates pack to add to my assets for Affinity Publisher.
  22. Thanks Lee for your explanation. At least it is not a problem with my dementia situation creeping up on me........... I am going to try and think of how to organise my workflow a bit better (If I can) You can see that I am starting to use a new signature if you look at my orchid picture below.............. I have to hunt for this signature every time I want to place it on a affinity photo image. How do a flag up this point to the development team or can you send my request to them please. Seriously I would 'PAY' for such specialist tools to be added in to the main programme as a tool box package. Best regards Edwin John in BB Slovak Republic.
  23. Hi to the forum, This might be something that can't be done but I thought I would raise this query. How can I have Affinity Photo open up with some per-assigned assets available in folder where they can be picked up and 'PLACED' on an open image without having to go hunting for them on my external hard drives every time I want to place them. e.g. my signature or logo. Hope I have explained my question clearly. Thanks in advance to forum members for reading the above. Edwin John in exile in the Slovak Republic
  24. Hi Alfred, I had already found the video you sent me. Thanks for that. I have now found another one which is really very useful in showing how to create and use nodes. see link below. Mesh-warp is a very powerful tool and I will test it out step by step. The dynamics of the forum members has astonished me................. It really is helping me a lot. I had a relatively quiet day and enjoyed a couple of beers from the local city brewery in the evening. I made the spoof video below when I was in La Rochelle France. https://vimeo.com/user57039819/urpiner-passes-lips-other-beers-dont-meet Thanks for all help so far. John Edwin in exile.
  25. Hi Rick, Thanks for your nice comment. I was lucky to go to this square last Friday morning much earlier than I normally do. There is no retouching to the sky at all. I have used and trialed other Panorama software, some costing a lot more than full price of Affinity Photo. Non has been as easy as Affinity Photo Panorama tool. As a 71 year old bumbling computer amateur I do need help. Take a look at a the file. Entitled 'Next Stop Newfoundland' It is the harbour edge of La Rochelle, France. Not so many pictures stitched together for this panorama.
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