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Affinity Photo - Importing RAW photos increases Noise levels significantly (iPadOS 13)

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I recently purchased the Affinity Photo app in iPadOS 13, and maybe there is something Im doing wrong while importing files, JPEG but specially with RAW files (Nikon D750), but I noticed the levels of noise are significantly increased. I have compared the imported RAW files in Affinity, against the iPad Photos app as well as Lightroom and noise is increased in Affinity photo.

I tried multiple import methods, different configurations, but unfortunately I’m not seeing any improvement at all.

Will appreciate any advice, I purchased this App as a replacement for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, but because of this issue I can’t fully replace them. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Affinity Photo is just that this issue introduces another step in my workflow by not being able to fully get rid of Lightroom at least.

Thanks,  kindly let me know if there is any other topic where this has been discussed in the past, any direction at this point of time will be appreciated. 




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Hi Navarroscar03,

Welcome to the forums :)

If possible could you provide one of the files in question along with a screen recording showing this issue?



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Thanks for your response, please see attached sample. None of these have any modification yet, these are exactly as imported by either Lightroom or Affinity Photo.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated !!! Thanks


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After seeing the original post, I checked this out last evening when I got home from work.  I have the same thing happening.  Much more noise when I pull in a RAW image as compared to the original in my photos app.  So then I downloaded LR for comparison, and it's the same...More noise in Affinity RAW editor versus in LR.  However, I notice that my image is sharper in the AP for iPad RAW developer than it is in LR.  I am running on the 2018 iPad PRO 12.9".  If you want more screenshots, I can post them when I get home.

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