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  1. cas_2021

    Crashing like CRAZY

    Is the beta working well?
  2. Gabriel, can you explain what is meant by this, in case I run into it, and what fixing it would entail. Thank you so much!
  3. cas_2021

    Crashing like CRAZY

    There have been several bugs since the update to 1.7. They are working on a new update that will hopefully fix things. I’m also on the newest iPad Pro 12.9” and have had several issues as well. I’m feeling your pain!
  4. Found a new(to me) bug. Don’t know if this has been reported yet, but when working on RAW files in Affinity Photo, if I use noise reduction, when I go to develop my image, it crashes completely, and I lose all my work and get kicked all the way out of AP and sent back to my iPad’s home screen. I’m working on a 2018 iPad Pro with the latest iOS.
  5. cas_2021

    Noise reduction crashes AP

    Mine were definitely crashes, but they aren’t there. How much longer will it be before we get the update? I’m really missing my AP
  6. cas_2021

    Noise reduction crashes AP

    Chris, I can’t find the crashes in my analytics data...i can’t find any of the crashes that have happened with AP on my iPad after 6/26.
  7. Even with the patch, my beloved AP is broken. Just spent two hours editing an image, and I merely went to zoom in on my image, and AP totally crashed and I lost all of my work! It is also very slow and still laggy. I’m so frustrated and upset right now. AP has become entirely useless to me. I loved editing before this update on my 2018 iPad Pro. When I bought my iPad I was trying to choose between the iPad or a laptop, and went with the iPad because it was such a joy to edit on my older iPad Pro. Now I’m regretting my choice. At this point, AP and my iPad are both useless to me. I hope this is fixed soon, because I’m losing money big time.
  8. If a person does a restore on iTunes from an older backup, can we revert back to the good, old version of AP? I hate the thought that I would have to completely reset my iPad Pro, but I am unable to edit with the new version of AP, and I am losing money. I’m really frustrated with this new version, and feel that the bugs should have been worked out before the release...I, like many others, I’m sure, can’t afford to wait for all the issues to be fixed.
  9. cas_2021

    AP still not working...

    Hi Chris...it didn’t give me any option...it just completely closed down and went to my home screen. When I went back into AP, everything was gone. My image wasn’t even in the home screen...it was just gone.
  10. cas_2021

    AP still not working...

    Thank you Chris! I sure hope it’s in the App Store soon. I seriously loved AP before the update, and I miss it terribly! I want to love it again!
  11. I’m having the same lag issue with the color selector.
  12. Since the update to 1.7, Affinity photo won’t access my photos from the photos app. I am on the 2018 iPad Pro running the latest iOS update.
  13. Chris, I’m so sorry...I didn’t realize you were with Serif! Please accept my apology, and I look forward to the fixes! I love Affinity photo, and I will wait patiently for the fix to the bugs. Thank you! Cindy
  14. I’m having the same issue on my almost brand new 2018 iPad Pro 12.9. Brush strokes have considerable lag, and it’s really frustrating. I want my 1.6 version back. I used to love Affinity Photo, now I don’t even want to edit pics on my iPad, and I bought it specifically for editing pics because I loved editing on my iPad with Affinity. Does anyone know of a way to go back to v1.6? Why isn’t Serif responding to any of our questions or issues? I just want to enjoy editing my photos again.
  15. cas_2021

    [Fixed] 1.7.0 won’t access my photos

    Never mind...I didn’t have photos access allowed. However, Affinity didn’t ask for permission to access photos, which it used to do.