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Taking the fill off from the vector brushes

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Hi friends,

I have found that when I am using the vector brushes in AD, I cannot take the fill off. It seems that I have managed to do it once in while, but due to pure chance or trial and mistake, I would beg you to give me the ncessary info, in order that I may have control over this tool.


Thank you so much in advance.


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I am using the "vector brush" and I am meaning the "interior of the shape".

I am trying to post a jpeg of the one image describing the problem, but it has told me that there is an "error 500"....so I cannot do it  or do not know how to do it. And that is something that I would love to learn...may be I am missing something that I ignore.

Thank you so much for your help.


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Not sure how you got into that state but try pressing the 'Revert Defaults' button on the top toolbar and see if that helps.


Normally the vector brush tool wouldn't fill any shapes your draw. If you are using the Pen tool then you can control whether the shape is filled by the option 'Use Fill' on the context bar for that tool.


Let me know if you continue having problems.

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Thank you so much..

Oh..I  think I have got it!!!! I am not sure how to explain it, but once you are using the brush (not the pixel brush but the vectorial one) you go to the color switching circle ant the top right of the screen. . Then there are two alternative white circles that you can click to be put  up or down one of the other..well...it seems that if the white circle with an horizontal black line on it is on top of the other one, the brush will paint as a stroke without any kind of extra filling. I have done some trials and it has worked out pretty well. I am not quite sure of explaining it well, but I am sure that that is the way of doing it. And it has come some sort of "inner image2 of having heard about this in one of the tutorials..but the fact is that since I bought the AD I have watched so many...that something like that must have skipped from my mind.


I thank you very much for that...if you wish you can to and try this way I am talking about. It may be practical to any other member.



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