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Printing dialog - unable to open Accoun Track

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The intro & context first: with MacOS X Mojave, there's a system-wide bug (namely affecting Preview in my case), that hides almost all detailed printing settings under "Printer Features" section within the printing dialog. Unfortunately, there's an "Account Track" option, that allows users to enter their credentials to be able to print on a company printer, which has been effectively disabled by this. So now when checking the "Account Track" option within "Printer Features", it won't do nothing (in previous versions of MacOS X / Preview, it has opened a dialog for entering Department Name and Password).

For some time, Affinity Designer used original printing dialog, where all the sections were separate and it was possible to check the "Account Track" option, a modal dialog for entering Department Name and Password was displayed and everything went well.

Probably with the latest update, the printing dialog in Affinity is the same as in Preview and the "Accoun Track" modal window for entering "Department Name" and "Password" is not invoked any more.

Currently, only some apps on MacOS X keeps the original dialog (such as MS Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Would it be possible to utilize the older version of the printing dialog with Affinity? Or will it be sorted with MacOS X Catalina..? Currently, it's quite impossible for me to print directly from Affinity (Designer).

Thanks for info.

Here's the printing dialog from MS Word:



Here's the printing dialog from Affinity (Account Track option does not do nothing):


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Hi @Lojza

Sorry for the delayed reply. 

It looks like this was a Mojave bug. We managed to replicate this in both our software and native Mac software ( Pages, Numbers, etc). They were all missing the options. However, Catalina seems to be working fine, and that log-in dialogue is where you would find it in Word in your example. 



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