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I am currently test driving Affinity Photo as I may soon move away from CC. I have a question about RAW workflow.

Typically I open a DNG/CR2 file in PS which of course opens ACR. I will create my layers in ACR by making adjustments then using ALT-OPEN to open a copy of the original RAW file. I will repeat this until I have the necessary copies for my layers. Once I'm done, I will move the images onto the base layer which creates layers that I will then mask, etc. 

How does one recreate that flow in AP?

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Affinity Photo has a persona for working with RAW files if you are using the Mac version you can use the Apple core RAW engine or our Serif Labs engine, the Windows version only uses the Serif Labs engine and once you have made any adjustments you develop the RAW file which then moves a copy to our Photo persona.

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