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Publisher: Editing index marks, how to make a primary index entry

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Apologies if this has already been asked, but is there a way to edit an index mark? I can delete it, but if I try to select the word or the index mark itself and add mark, it adds a new one rather than editing the existing one. (This makes sense if I want to put multiple marks by the same word but not if I want to adjust an existing mark.)

The reason I need this is to edit the marks the Index panel inserts. Its find in document feature is much nicer than adding marks manually, but it doesn't let me add an override style to make one entry the primary one (bold or italic, for example). It seems like I can only use the find in document tool and still designate a main entry if I:

  1. Don't add the main entry from the index panel's find
  2. Add an index mark for the main entry manually, setting it to use an override style.
  3. That mark must be the first one for that entry on the page, or it won't use the style. (I assume it uses the style for the entry's first mark on each page.)

Even if I do that, the index sometimes ends up making that page number, plus several page numbers after it for the same entry, use the style instead of just the first one. Maybe I should be reporting this as a bug?

This screenshot shows a contrived example from when I was trying to figure out how to make the page number for the main entry different than the others. You can see the emphasis style got applied to several of the "enemy" entries instead of the 1 that I set to use it, and I had to insert both main entries manually instead of from the index panel.


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Hi Tegwyn,

You can move the index marks into a new position, just place the cursor behind the mark and hold down Shift and move press the back arrow, you'll know when the mark is selected as the cursor will appear not to move and you can then click and drag the marker into a new position.

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Thanks, @stokerg. Do you know if there's a way I can edit an individual mark to change things like its override style?

Adding index marks using the index panel's find tool is easy, but it doesn't let me set override styles as I do that. But once it makes the mark, I can't seem to edit it to add an override style either.

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