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Windows 10 Home 1903, Publisher

I have a table which, when pinned Inline into a text frame, behaves strangely when the text frame is moved, and under other situations.
See the attached GIF and watch the table after Policy Number shrink when the text frame is moved.

I’ve also attached the corresponding AFPUB. Try opening it and watching what happens to the same table when the document first opens, it shrinks. The pinned table above it - Membership Number - does not change in the same way.

Also, (later in the GIF) when I select the Membership Number table and then change the Offset of the Pin (or just change the Offset of the Policy Number table), the Policy Number table changes.

I would say this was a bug as I would guess it’s not what most users would expect. I’d be happy to be proved wrong though.


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Hi GarryP,

I've tried reproducing this by setting up something similar to the attached gif but not had any luck so far.

You mention an attached afpub but it seems to be missing, can you attach that and I'll take a look?


Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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