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I have a big issue about installed font not showing.

this is the first time I am facing this issue

I have a total of 4216 fonts installed and most of them are not visible in affinity designer, photo, and publisher

here is fonts installed


and this is showing in affinity


Please solve this issue as fast as you can






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Hi Mayank Katrodia and Welcome to the Forums,

Do those fonts display in other programs?  WordPad for example?

I don't have near as many fonts as you but the fonts you attached install and show up in Designer, Publisher and Photo without issue.

So i wonder if it's down to how many fonts you have.  Normally for that many fonts you'd be better off using a Font Manager and activating the fonts as and when needed.

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Posted (edited)

Yup, Other programs illustrator and notepad also shows all the fonts I installed.

I checked first that why Designer has an issue like this,  then I checked other product(photo, publisher) as well and found the same issue. (fonts are not showing)

I don't know why but it also affects the performance of Designer. (only for 2 - 3 times then work smoothly).

I don't mind using a different font similar to original, but if someone like me uses this many fonts then yes sometimes fonts might not load in software I understand that.

But to solve that issue I reset font in Designer but nothing happens, the result is the same every time.

Edited by Mayank Katrodia

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