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Richard Liu

Splotches while hovering while painting over inverted high pass filter layer

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In fact, with Metal still active, I deleted the High Pass layer, recreated it, inverted it, and tried again, and was able to do what I couldn't before.  I'm puzzled about the cause of the problem, and am not so naive as to assume it won't happen again.   As I saved the working version of the .afphoto file over the misbehaving one, I would have to whether I can find it in Time Machine in order to try the same operation without Metal.  Should I?  It doesn't seem that many people have encountered this or related problems, does it?  And someday ... real soon now ... I'll upgrade to 10.14, which, if I recall correctly, corrects some problems with Metal in 10.13.

Here are the specs that you requested:  125648783_ScreenShot2019-08-12at16_56_59.thumb.png.817b78dfc7a1ecf563e831182a9e9a1a.png

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